Global bonuses and astrology quests

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Global bonuses and astrology quests

Postby Teron » Sat May 13, 2017 2:39 pm

Since global bonuses are a difference between an area being good or bad exp for a group, it'd help to have quests to enable group bonuses (groupexp, exp bonus, regen).

Also, since some people have to wait weeks or months for suitable major houses to compete in coliseum in 1 level, it'd also help to do quests to boost incoming houses, ie:
- boost fire or channelling houses, make a minor house major for killing a wizard in salamis
- boost a thief/monk/warrior house - make it major for killing Ares
- turn on global group exp for submitting corpses of 5 black/red/green/blue/white dragons
- turn on global regen by killing a few pests in Herbalist/Arboretum and giving the corpses/slices to Selenia

There can be quests for all extras, if someone wants to bother enough to enable them for a group.

It doesn't require Teker to insert extra houses in the list - which would be too convenient, but boosting already coming ones or turning on global extras would be easier and useful.
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