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quest ideas

Postby Teron » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:40 am

We've been discussing some quest ideas on gossip:

Gorka gossips-- 'drach supply has been good in this version, I admit'
You gossip-- '*this year'
Zuzu gossips-- 'im trying to address the only-on-holidays aspect of the manually led quests'
Zuzu gossips-- 'but you guys already know that.'
Gorka gossips-- 'I've done little questing off valk and coliseum and come up with 1000'
Zuzu gossips-- 'wrack your brains, what would a Labor Day themed mob be'
Gorka gossips-- 'well, that's a problem but a managable one zuzu, for some of us, it's your timezone'
Zuzu gossips-- 'early 1900's sweatshop mob? :)'
Gorka gossips-- 'well whats been done, kill big mob quests, subdue little mob quests'
Gorka gossips-- 'what else is there?'
Zuzu gossips-- 'puzzles but people Hate Puzzles from what ive seen :)'
Zuzu gossips-- 'competition quests but i tried that and you all wanted not to be split in teams'
Gorka gossips-- 'well some players know the game better than others'
You gossip-- 'it depends how u run the competitive quest zuzu'
You gossip-- 'for one area, that's one thing'
You gossip-- 'for the entire mud, it's another'
Gorka gossips-- 'sloth isn't pkill, so most of us probably lack a little bit of that competitiveness to start with'
Zuzu gossips-- 'there hasn't been a trivia quest in a long, long time'
Gorka gossips-- 'besides everyone already knows gorka is bestest'
Zuzu gossips-- 'but i am not the best designer of trivia quests'
Gorka gossips-- 'I don't watch those types of movies zuzu :p'
Zuzu gossips-- 'i dont thik theres been one since S3'
You gossip-- 'Neptune is'
Zuzu gossips-- 'yeah Bob could do one'
You gossip-- 'Neptune ran something, not sure it was drachma rewarded'
Zuzu gossips-- 'trouble is there's only one of me and i'm not always the smartest quest designer :)'
Zuzu gossips-- 'there "should be" a half dozen people of equal rank.'
Gorka gossips-- 'what about a vehicle of some sort, group gets in a container, container has itinerary'
Zuzu gossips-- 'i like that, it could work like a Boat'
Zuzu gossips-- 'i mean it could re-use the Boat code'
Gorka gossips-- 'of like JB's clown car to get to FOC'
Zuzu gossips-- 'could be some time pressure to kill mob A, before stopping at the next stop and possibly having to fight the next one at the same time, hehe :)'
Gorka gossips-- 'xp is always good'
Gorka gossips-- 'yeah, like waves in space invaders'
Gorka gossips-- 'TIME EXTENDED'
Gorka gossips-- 'trouble with quests, is they tend to revolve around a few smart players'
Gorka gossips-- 'I'm never one of them'
Gorka gossips-- 'hehe'
Zuzu gossips-- 'quests with actual depth and planning put into em, yeah :)'
Zuzu gossips-- 'which i can't claim to have done very many :)'
Gorka gossips-- 'what about something olympic'
Linx gossips-- 'you mean like potions to cheat, they already do that'
Zuzu gossips-- 'what were those mini games in arcade games between stages where you were frantically hammering on the buttons :)'
Gorka gossips-- 'haha'
Zuzu gossips-- 'hehehe'
Zuzu gossips-- 'to like i cant remember inflate something or something'
Zuzu gossips-- 'or push a meter to the top'
Zuzu gossips-- 'there were a bunch of those, for perhaps a dozen different arcade games'
Zuzu gossips-- 'i think i saw one where it was an eating contest'
You gossip-- 'hammer and whack-a-mole'
Gorka gossips-- 'actually that's a good concept'
Gorka gossips-- 'what about a weighing scale'
Gorka gossips-- 'we bring big corpses to put on it'
Gorka gossips-- 'we have a time limit'
Gorka gossips-- 'reward to weight based'
Gorka gossips-- 'everyone can contribute with corpses'
Zuzu gossips-- 'well corpses might be too easy, maybe finding items of a specific type that are known to be Heavy'
Zuzu gossips-- 'like it HAS to be type food or type Keys or something'
Zuzu gossips-- 'and you'd have to think, what's a heavy Key somewhere'
Gorka gossips-- 'I have the eq list in a mysql database... prepare for me to kick ass'
Zuzu gossips-- 'and the plot is they need scrap metal to melt it for some reason'
Gorka gossips-- 'I think it has object weights... checking'
You gossip-- 'how about a triathlon: orienteering (running to certain rooms fastest), a trivia and a round in a chaos pit solo'
Gorka gossips-- 'yeah, OBJECT_WEIGHT is the tag'
Zuzu gossips-- 'gos someone should capture this conversation and post it :)'
You gossip-- 'already captured'
Gorka gossips-- 'you would be good at the orienteering one taron, but a newbie?'
Zuzu gossips-- 'im liable to not remember most of it. im on oneof my middle of the night toots where i go back to bed in a little while and might forget most of it'
Zuzu gossips-- 'good. thanks for capturing it'
You gossip-- 'could include valk for newbies'
You gossip-- 'and newbie areas'
Zuzu gossips-- 'i like the key thing because it reminds me of sacrificing on JediMUD when you remort back to level 1'
Zuzu gossips-- 'you have to find like (the first remort) 150 of any Plusses to anything and sacrifice it'
Zuzu gossips-- 'you have to have it in your inventory when you type Remort'
Zuzu gossips-- '2nd remort is 300, third is 450, and 4th and beyond is +600'
Zuzu gossips-- 'er i like the Weight thing, not necessarily of Keys'
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