DELEVEL command

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DELEVEL command

Postby Yasik » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:03 am

Sometimes, often, players would like to undo level gains, up to removing entire classes, because :

- accidentally leveling up 21 and cutting them off Valkyre while not finishing all important tasks on VK (drachma quests, forges, exploring, eq pop, etc);

- deciding their chosen classo is no longer best suits their playstyle, is not optimal in their opinion; (good option for newcomers who are almost always have little idea of "optimal" or "popular" classos);

At this moment there is several ways to undo level gains, like A) dying on purpose hoping for level loss (cant rely much, cant control), B) asking admin to delevel, C) abandoning character and remaking anew.

So I came up with an idea that "delevel" command would solve those issues quite well.

To ensure that player is aware and completely understand the outcome of this command, let us say it will be restricted to reroll (meditation) rooms, so noone can delevel themselves accidentally.

Format I propose is something like this : delevel X Y, where X - class position in classo (1 - prime, 2 - secondary, etc), Y - amount of levels to remove.

To prevel eq restrictions abuse, lets say after each 'delevel' ther must me eq check, and worn forcefully removed to inventory if level requirements are no longet met.

Removing all levels except prime will reset all stats to 13.

No exp and gold is returned - price for making undo.

Very open for discussion.

PS. Maybe "delevel <class> <amount>" is even better because player precisely specifies class to remove levels in, eliminating chance if he/she accidentally miscalsulated class position in classo: delevel thief 1 --> remove 1 level in thief class, cannot make much errors.
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