Improve the Quarterstaff

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Improve the Quarterstaff

Postby Teron » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:14 pm


Fancy a newbie weapon:
Object 'quarterstaff staff quarter', Item type: WEAPON
Weight: 1, Value: 5000gold, Worn in: TAKE WIELD TWO-HANDED
Damage Dice is '2D6'
Can affect you as:
Affects: HITROLL by 2
Affects: DAMROLL by 2
Only those who are at least adept magic users, clerics, or necromancers may
use this item.

- it was 2d6 0 0 (got +2 +2 after enchant)
- it doesn't proc
- it's two handed
- it's noway near in dam to typical newbie weapons (single-handed 2d7 1 0, for example) or high dam of newbie items (3d5 1 1 axe or even 3d6 1 0 axe forge - or 3d7 3 0 holy sword ;) )

It also consists of 4 components that load in 30+ lev area. So what use is of this quarterstaff? Filler eq? Why have it at all?

I'd suggest to:
- make this weapon single-handed
- or increase dam to be worth it: 3d6-7 +2 +2, for example (useful in groups, when not using a shield)
- or add +mr +5ma or something useful for casters to actually use

Thank you.
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