S4 Hex Mobs

Locations where hex/tri tokens load.

S4 Hex Mobs

Postby Guinex » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:34 am

Asylum - cook
Catacombs - zombie (near entrance)
Castle - Uyp
Clouds - you
Crystal Falls - Fisherman
Crystal Falls - mystic remora
Greek Forest - maenad
Great Northern Road - Farmer Dan
Duegers - chaos hound
Eden - woman
Emerald Mine - cook
Hades - lesser soul
Kuo-Toan Hamlet - bottle nosed dolphin
Lycanthropia - huge wererat
Matterhorn Valley - titanic iron golem
Temple of Krom - dark monk (spawns at margoyles)
Temple of the Sun - gold-robed apprentice
Thordfalan Slavers - hobgoblin guard
Thordfalan Slavers - Kelso Xalvenskye
Tomb of the Forever King - battle knight
Troglodytes - troglodyte chef
Wagoneer's Camp - drunk wagoneer captain
Witches Doman - Marlore

Castle Zodiac II - Phenmemalin's wife
Castle Zodiac II - nude virgin
Castle Black - librarian
Castle Black - Phantom Dragoon
Cleric's Tower - schoool of sightless fish
Crypt - master dark monk
Diabolan-Sardaukar Citadel - General Shandlar
Diabolan Valley - Diabolan mage
Diabolan Valley - Diabolan subject
Frozen Tundra - ice troll
Frozen Tundra - ice troll guard
Highlands - ice behir
Hive - princess bee
Negative Energy Plane - Mot
Nordik Trek - Nanook's girlfriend
Penguin Vale - king penguin
Thule Beach - Lila
Unseen University - small cherub

Arboretum - Phoom
Aroboretum - Witch Doctor
Centaurs' Domain - centaur merchant
DemonWeb - fishing landshark
Derros - derro wellborn
Dwarven Mountain - clay golem
Fairy Forest - undulating flame
Kendermore - kender weapon merchant
M.A.G.I.C - Sqrll
Mansion of the Mourned - Matthias
Murkwood - enormous pale lanternfish
Murkwood - dire wolf pack leader
Phantom Creek - phantom creek spider
Ravenloft - dread wolf
Ravenloft - witch's ghost
Settlestone - dwarven mushroom tender
Shadow Keep - elite wight guardsman (south of abbadon)
Tower of Nexialism - Khalagan
Undead Burial Grounds - cannibalized corpse
Xanthippe - flowering rose bush

Argosian Wreckage - skeletal pirate
Argosian Wreckage - thalassian powder monkey
Canaa - stowaway
Dalina Mansion - child
Deemonee Warren - small deemonee
Island - native man
Kingdom of Jrontauq - mean horned dursimite
Orcmines - Triclore
Palace of Thalassas - Captain Unai
Palace of Thalassas - pysician
Palace of Thalassas - guard
Prison of King Cicero - executioner's pupil
Tarot - Ace of Wands
Tel Makor - eithrean soldier
Valley of R'lyeh- dimensional shambler
Valley of the Great Old Ones - Spectral Hunter
Valley of the Mage - male valley elf
Valley of the Mage - skeletal warrior

Ch'ung Kuo - terracotta warrior
Cloud Giants - male resident
Ebony Tower - gargoyle
Irapuete - oaxca matriarch
Lyme Town - chicken (this bad boy trucks!)
Lyme Town - Stancil
Lyme Town - street urchin
Mount Olympus - man climbing the mountain
Poseidon's Realm - sahaguin high king
Sewers of Lyme - giant toad

F.O.C. - Dollface
F.O.C. - Honky
Newbatia - evil thug (east of inn)

I will update this post with any new mobs i find along the way that load hex tokens. If anyone wants to contribute to the list either post here or let me know in game via tell/mail.

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Re: S4 Hex Mobs

Postby Tuck » Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:27 am

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Re: S4 Hex Mobs

Postby jezer » Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:01 pm

One other tip for rerolling... If you poke Juggleblood with a hot red stick, and demand his stupid pies and an ale to cool it down with, he may just give you a flask of fire-breather, so he can sadistically laugh while watching you explode. When you explode into chunks your eq gets scattered, however you can pick up your "chunks" which I think are dies for rerolling. Firebreather also pops on a few mobs. Not sure if they are hexes, probably dies. I think the chunks are personal... and yeah... easier ways to get rerolls... ;)

BTW that's the best hex list I've seen, thanks Guinex.

OCT Mobs

Phoom (arbo) SS
Troll (skeep) SS
Caretaker (vamp liar) SS
Sash Lieu (Dark Dreams) AH
Celtic Noble (Highlands) AH
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