More notes from my spies

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More notes from my spies

Postby Pbx » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:41 pm

Turns out that my mortal spies are good at more than just finding elemental citadels, eh? Who would've guessed! Anyway, this time they told me about some denizen or another of Valkyre, who happens to be an elemental as well, has started dabbling in some magical art or another.

They furthermore mentioned that the creature didn't appear to be necessarily gaining strength, but may have devised a way to create something desirable for its own use. I stopped listening after they admitted the creature itself wasn't getting any more powerful and smote them for wasting my time with such pointless drivel.

Anyway, in my benevolence I have decided to mention it to those of you that are my followers. Feel free to investigate as you wish, but do not waste my time reporting it to me if it turns out to be nothing. If you are not one of my followers and you are reading this message, hope and pray I do not learn of this or your suffering shall be legendary.
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