New / changed Skills & Spells

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New / changed Skills & Spells

Postby Thraxas » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:36 pm

Now Ne level 40 only


Usage: cast 'corpus severance'
Cost: 30 mana
Level: 32 Cleric, 13 Necro
Duration: level dependent
Accumulative: -
Save Versus: -
Damage Type: -
Stratum: Necromancy
Spellbook: a black book edged in bone
Prerequisite: -

While Bekorath the necromancer was young he was quite vigorous and
expounded the unusual belief amongst his friends of self preservation.

One of the techniques he used was to commune with Death himself;
this was done via an enchantment he devised called "corpus severance"
which meant that at the moment of death, Death himself would notify
you of your friends demise.
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