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Postby Gorka » Mon Mar 14, 2022 7:20 am

I don't want to nag... but every month that passes - the more broken the sloth economy gets. With 50% of the player base being rebirth characters it's going to get worse over time as rebirths should be getting more coins than what they use. I am currently vaulting my coins in vault slots of 2 billion.

The issue is destroying the value of items, nothing goes to auction because it's essentially worthless to the player. I junk every item I pop, and I don't even check for caches. People don't list items because of the auction lag, and no one needs the items anyway... (except Whatta...)

I've even brought new players vaults without flinching... it's being eroded, it's getting worse. It might not seem of any consequence but it's dire for newbie's as they can't really trade anymore, because they have nothing of value that any high player wants. I have to trade conquest points with newbie's - and to some degree it's already sloth's new currency.

It needs attention and good solutions. Solutions that work will be... items that can be purchased but are needed repetitively, or Idjit's exponential increment price system used in rebirth shop to buy vault type improvements that give passive value.

The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to fix it, as you will have more players like me.

My immediate suggestion would be to create new imbued avatar spell potions or scrolls that aren't temp while perhaps more extended thought is put into more permanent and workable solutions.

Clan recall scrolls please!!!!

Perhaps the items could be of the MUDL variety where you need to be 9x40 rebirth to use them? Might also be useful to imbue them... so we don't have to lug them around... and not be temp like the lyme ones. Prices probably need to be in the 75k-150k price range. Need to be balanced right, and maybe only passive skills/spells.

Could get creative too... an hour long potion that improves mv regen dramatically... sell it for 500k or 1m... if it's reasonable and well balanced I'd buy them.

Happy to work with an immortal to come up with a list, and try to balance the price/value.
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