How to subdue more successfully

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How to subdue more successfully

Postby Gorka » Sat Jun 26, 2021 3:43 pm

Thought I would put this out there, now that with the new conquest system, rebirths will want to subdue all mobs in all areas... The issue is kind of contradictory in a way, because the points we spend to make ourselves more powerful, can make the subdue more difficult... so how can we aim for more success?

Firstly, you should have a custom subdue eq mode which is high in ac and damreduct, but as low as possible in dam and weapon dam. It's a good idea to equip a bastard sword from the shops as the dice is 1d1 +1 +1. Make sure the eqset has no proc items. You might need to remove your rank clasp, because if it has weapon dam, it will activate all your rebirth shop purchases for weapon damage.

Turn Autokill Off.

Make sure you are using Iron Skin instead of Petrified Armor.

Make sure you have parry off as riposte can be deadly.

If possible nightmare the mob.

Attack the mob and web it in place.

When the mob is below 20%, disengage, aegis/wall the mob, and switch your eq set to your subdue mode and engage. Mob will take half damage from this point.

Have a trigger to automatically squelch and subdue when morted.

Other Methods:

Using mage timing on the double cast round, magic missile the mob for 10 damage and retreat. This is perhaps the most reliable, but most difficult method, because 10 damage will nearly always resort in a mort as 12 damage is needed to kill something from 0hp.


Naked, high level avatars with have about 20 damage, which they can not reduce much. My suggestion would be to sell potions of weakness in shops that set player damage to 0 for 60 seconds or some usable item such as this with a short duration.

Warriors have issues with critical and massive critical hits... and these can not be toggled off as yet, could this be made an option?

If you have other/better methods please post.
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Re: How to subdue more successfully

Postby Insomnia » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:18 pm

Check if the room is noflee/noretreat before fight. Keep the mob blind. Get sleeves of shadow and pain – some large mobs are immune to acid blast and blindness (e.g. Baraneth), and sleeves proc is invaluable.
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Re: How to subdue more successfully

Postby Guinex » Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:09 am

Use a piercing weapon that is not impacted by weapon damage.
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