Running with an extra +75 dam

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Running with an extra +75 dam

Postby Gorka » Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:23 pm

I stacked +75dam worth of potions today, just to see how the game would play.

Stabbing with 30dam (including non prime gods)
Before the +75dam...

Backstab 2803 461.3
Pierce 1681 55.4
Pound 1639 151.9
Riposte 1940 87.7
Slam 1348 115.7
Slash 11432 110.4
Other 1829 57.6

Stabbing with 105dam (including non prime gods)
With the +75dam...

Backstab 36 993.9
Pierce 19 122.2
Pound 15 143.8
Riposte 34 153.7
Slam 10 143.4
Slash 142 215.1
Other 23 50.0


* A single stab seems capped at 1000 damage.
* Damage is not limited to +100 as I assumed.
* Riposte wasn't effected.
* Damage was added to pierces and slashes.
* XP Speed increased approx 66% (Note a lot of time gets wasted not fighting)
* Adding +1 dam to a warrior really adds about 1.5+ dam due to crit/massive multipliers.

If a mob has about 5,000hp and I land two stabs then 5 attacks till death...

With +75 damage = 3 rounds
Without +75 damage = 8 rounds

I don't see an issue with opening the caps in rebirth shop, especially given the exponential nature of the cost, we wouldn't even see a player get near this increase... However group power would increase significantly as a result over time.

It didn't feel like I was running faster, or that I had a grenade, but the numbers don't lie that things picked up, it was just harder to sense than I thought.

All in all, not as exciting as I thought it might be... being that powerful, and certainly not worth the exponential xp it would cost to get +75 dam.
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