New Area: Aggrynthian Expanse

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New Area: Aggrynthian Expanse

Postby Gorka » Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:53 pm

The new area Aggrynthian Expanse has been added to the game and can be found... (fly and visage up) 3e1s3e2n7e1u1u1e1u11e7s1w from Island recall.

It's currently a small area in development by Idjit with choppish solo warrior style xp. So far all the mobs there are animals... and they don't tend to hang around near death, so make sure you web. First impression is it's sort of a "The Moors of Gr'Valdh" type area in the way it plays. There are 5-6 different types of animals at the moment and the biggest ones are level 41 and have already popped gems.
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