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Leader Command Standardization

Postby Gorka » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:24 pm

The last week I've been thinking about suggesting some standardization's for tanks and stabbers, but in reality it could extend to blasters or healers.

Currently, every tank and stabber has there own way of doing things... and if you are a leader, leading different areas with different tanks and stabbers, it's difficult to remember everyone's commands. Take MNM for instance the tank may end up being asked to lead with damn, stab or grip... there are mobs that are curse, some may even be led with fire / ice / turn undead / web / bind. Currently I have to "alias grip" for alias, and then "bstab" for bandit.

I held off making a post, because I don't expect the topic to be popular, nor that people would change simply because I suggest it, but in the future I intend to change gorka's scripts to mirror aliases scripts which I think forms the basis of a good protocol.

It basically follows the format of <player name> <action>...

alias stab
alias grip
alias tank
alias hammer
alias curse
alias damn
alias ambush (current target with web)

If I grouptell alias grip, and Bandit is the group stabber, he can trap for the grip command and off stabber automatically as he is not the target of the command.

This way the command is directed at an individual and won't confuse the other members - but the other members are informed of what is happening. Stun roughly also follows this protocol, but uses tells, so group members don't see what's happening. As a leader I want this type of control of the tank and the stabber because, sometimes the player might not understand what I want, or what mob needs what starter. I'm not suggesting we take it overboard, this is more about assisting group leaders.

In not demanding that we all follow this way, just suggesting it as a good protocol to implement, which I intend to use myself. If it catches on, we will update the thread with commands as kind of accepted as a standard. There is definitely more than I have posted.
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