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Postby Gorka » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:49 am

After Neptunes benevolence with the scatter quest last night I decided I may as well move towards buying the rest of the drachma spell books I haven't read... so I brought 2 fortune books for 10 drachma. I've put off buying them as I am not a gambling man and there is some consensus that using the spell isn't worth it.

A bit of randomness could be entertaining at my stage of the game, I thought, so I've been casting it a few times. I ended up with jumble for 5 mins, -1 wis and the best thing I've gotten from it so far was +10 mvs. The jumble thing really annoyed me, so I pulled up the old code leak to see what is going on inside the fortune spell.

To my surprise there is actually quite a list of effects it can do, but it also confirmed my thoughts that it's not really kept up with the modern game changes...

Applying 20/10/5/-5/-10/-20 to a players Mana/Hp/Mvs at avatar levels barely raises an eyebrow.
Applying -10/10 to HP Regen or Moves barely raises an eyebrow.
Applying -5/5 to Ma Regen... ok, I flinched, just a small bit.
STR/DEX/CON/WIS/INT mods 1/-1 mods... who cares really...
Hitroll/Damroll/AC - Ok so nice if they are positive, but won't make a difference on a run with proc weapons.
GodSanc, Phase Door, Recall - Well ooookkkk... None of them useful - to me at least
Restore/Unrestore - Fair Enough
Detect Magic/Invis/Evil/Sense Life/Sneak - Even non avatars will have these up
Perm Spellshield and Blind... well ok...
Jumble... :(

Essentially, I'm going to treat fortune as just another spell I'm not going to use... but I did think to write this post, because it's a part of the game that could be quite fun if changes were implemented. Also given that it's a drachma spellbook, things should be "worth the risk." Essentially there really isn't anything in this list of effects that's going to make a difference to me besides, jumble, restore or unrestore. It's not so much that the spell seems slightly weighted to the negative, it's more the positives barely register a blimp. Perhaps the duration of the effect should vary more than the usual 40 min default as well to make it spicy, in favor of shorter (10min) but more larger negative/positive effects.

I'm thinking things like wraithform, +10 dam/-10 dam. Game bonuses could be toggled on or off - or maybe fortune cast in a group... could do a group fortune. Bigger mods to core attributes but for shorter periods of time (10mins). I'm a bit short of ideas right at this moment, but feel free to post some good ones... remember to be fun there has to be an equally sized negative affect to the positive. So say your idea is +10 damage you also need to have the opposite -10 damage...

It's not my intent to whine about the spell... I mean... I'm just not going to use it... problem solved... but what I do see here, is an opportunity to make something pretty bland, actually quite fun. Even if the spell was to remain like it is... the duration should be a lot shorter, and the negative/positive effects at least doubled to keep in line with the increment of the modern game. It doesn't make a lot of sense to test my fortune when I know moldy orange/mana pots/+hit pots pop on EU and the effects are greater and guaranteed to be positive.
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