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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Driven » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:09 pm

l timepiece
The outside of this golden locket has been scortched by
some kind of powerful
attack. On the inside, two tiny bone arms with hands
have been fastened to
a pin in the center of the locket. It appears they are
designed to rotate
around the pin, however both arms are currently stuck in
an upright position.
The initials XG have been carved into the inside lid of
the locket...It has a soft glowing aura!

From an outdoors room in Plane of Salt.

What spells am I missing?

The sky is lit by flashes of lightning and your foot
tells you bad weather is due.

[1444hp/132ma/479mv, +146hr/+71mr, -11.0, -%]
It is 12 o'clock am, on the Day of the Sun
The 13th day of the Month of the Winter Wolf, year 1065.
The manipulation of raw magic is very strong.
Mother Nature's presence can be felt everywhere today!
The greatest struggles offer even greater lessons.

[1444hp/137ma/479mv, +146hr/+71mr, -11.0, -%]
Driven upwards. (Reborn) (level: 40)
Your levels: Mo: 40 Dr: 40 Ma: 40 Ne: 40 Cl: 40 Wa: 40
Th: 40 Ba: 40 Av: 40
You are 56 years, 16 months, 33 days old.
You are a citizen of Bal Harbor.
You are a devout worshipper of Blaster.
You spread goodness and joy everywhere you go.
You have visited most of this area.
You've seen 76.2% of the world.
You aren't controlling any followers right now. [0.0]
You have (1444/1444+146) hit, (139/744+71) mana and (479
/479+98) movement points.
Your armor class is -11.0.
You have +28 to hit, +53 on damage and up to 5 attacks.
You have 8494368 gold coins.
You have three hundred and twenty-four drachma.
You have 5256079 honor.
You have 25270897599 unused experience points.
You have been playing for 442 days, 22 hours, 24
You are a member of Legends.
You are well-attuned to the channelling stratum.
Str: 22[19], Int: 19[19], Wis: 19[19], Dex: 21[19], Con:
22[19] (103[95])
You are standing.
Your song can affect as many as nine people.
You are affected by the following spells:
Detect Evil
Detect Good
Detect Magic
Detect Invisible
Sense Life
God Sanctuary
Dark Cloak
Protection from Evil
Resist Fire
Avatar Blessing
Resist Cold
Resist Webs
Covered in grease
Spectral Shield
Petrified Armor
Greater Fluidity
Demonic Aura
Improved Haste
Water Breathing
Nature's Restoral
Greater Mobility
Undead Visage
You are imbued with the following spells:
wraithform at level 40 (2 charges)

[1444hp/139ma/479mv, +146hr/+71mr, -11.0, -%]
cast 'planar'
You are transported in a column of flames!
The Valley of Flame
Tiny fires flare up to either side of the pathway
here. Showers of

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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Gorka » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:15 am

There are certainly other spells that may need to be up. Also it's not clear whether you need to planar from plane of salt, or a specific room in plane of salt.

I read the notes again, and maybe I am overseeing things but there is a slightly odd reference to Xicilia in regards to the plague which makes me think something resistant/healing spell could be worth trying.

I've popped a lot of notes now, to the point where I doubt there are new ones, unless new ones have been added in the reboot. I suspect the clue about the spells, we potentially already have, but can't see.

It's also not clear whether these two spells are fine with other spells being up, or perhaps they don't work well with others.

I'm focusing most of my effort on forging the staff, but admit this may take longer than jagging the conditions to planar in first.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Gorka » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:27 am

Ok, so things are coming together, but we still could be ages out from establishing access.

It seems we have 3 of the 5 conditions...

1) Plane of Salt - Any outdoor room
2) Weather must be stormy
3) Must be midnight
4) Some spell
5) Some spell

Regarding the staff... I have loaded the following components...

*** 1x a cube of elemental salt (0), SALT PLANE
*** 1x a smoldering eyestalk (0), MAGMA PLANE
*** 1x a cloud of floating embers (0), LIGHTNING PLANE
*** 1x an orb of positive energy (0), POSITIVE PLANE
*** 1x a pair of devil's horns (0), CAINA
*** 1x a bundle of uncut rubies (0), FIRE PLANE
*** 1x an ancient clay tablet (0), EARTH PLANE
*** 1x a clutch of salmon roe (0), WATER PLANE
*** 1x a balloon (0), AIR PLANE
*** 1x a tome of evil scriptures (0), GEHENNA
*** 1x a jagged sliver of bone (0), PLANE OF ICE
*** 1x a vial of aether (0), ETHER PLANE
*** 1x a mirror of shadows (0), NEG PLANE

I have these to go... in these zones...

1x a flask of elemental flame (0), FIRE PLANE EXT
1x a clockwork puzzle box (0), PLANAR NEXUS

The following are proc loaders which neptune has told me...
Neptune (tell): they dont load normally is why
Neptune (tell): and they are assigned to the areas, not the mobs in particular'

1x a single drop of water (0), (WATER PLANE EXT???)
1x an oblong pebble (0), (EARTH PLANE EXT???)
1x a tiny vortex (0), (AIR PLANE EXT????)
1x a puff of smoke (0), (SMOKE PLANE????)
1x a reborn particle (0) ???

I need people to run Neptunes original planes and kill the small mobs so the proc loaders can be found. Tomorrow is an EU day so I'd appreciate the help. Help has been a bit thin besides from Waza and Driven this far.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby *teker* » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:14 pm

>> What spells am I missing?

You're getting closer...
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Driven » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:37 pm

I followed the story line and started poking around the BH Asylum. Critter has been running the area for a couple days and has popped a couple of confidential files off the aged gnome. So far 2 have popped but don't have anything to do with Xicilia... my guess is there are other mons that pop the files as well.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Waza » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:08 pm

>> What spells am I missing?

Bless, and possibly bard songs, but I'm leaning toward Hermetic Resonance being required.

Hermetic Resonance fits the story with bad things happening when there are 2 hermetic resonances active, including being bad for the fabric of existence. I once used it against Lord Morrigan in Castle Black and and up being blasted into another zone, drained of all my mana.

I'm currently trying to planar shift from Plane of Salt rooms with multiple spells up, including Hermetic Resonance, which spell to protect against is a question. Leaning towards lightning bolt or thunder clap.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Gorka » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:27 pm

Here is a list of all spells, with a marking of what Driven had up, and what is a necro spell... Obviously I haven't removed those spells of the type which don't have a duration on the character.

Code: Select all
Spell         Driven   Necro
darkness      X   X
darksight      X   X
detect evil      X   X
detect good      X   X
detect invisibility   X   X
detect magic      X   X
mindbar         X   X
protection from evil   X   X
sense life      X   X
spectral shield      X   X
undead visage      X   X
wraithform      X   X
aptitude      X   O
avatar sight      X   O
dark cloak      X   O
demonic aura      X   O
fly         X   O
fortune         X   O
grease         X   O
greater fluidity   X   O
improved haste      X   O
infravision      X   O
insight         X   O
invisibility      X   O
mobility      X   O
natures restoral   X   O
perception      X   O
petrified armor      X   O
purity         X   O
quicken         X   O
rejuvenation      X   O
resist cold      X   O
resist fire      X   O
resist webs      X   O
restiveness      X   O
vigor         X   O
vitality      X   O
water breathing      X   O
animate dead      O   X
arms of the abyss   O   X
banish undead      O   X
bone armor      O   X
condemnation      O   X
control undead      O   X
corpus severance   O   X
crimson scourge      O   X
curse         O   X
death pact      O   X
deathwatch      O   X
demon bind      O   X
destruction      O   X
dispel good      O   X
dispel magic      O   X
embalm         O   X
energy drain      O   X
fear         O   X
hellstrike      O   X
infuse soul      O   X
knock         O   X
lethargy      O   X
pestilence      O   X
putrefy         O   X
reign of the spider   O   X
silence         O   X
simulacrum      O   X
speak with dead      O   X
spirit marker      O   X
spirit watcher      O   X
summon         O   X
summon undead      O   X
tenebrous claw      O   X
unholy aura      O   X
vampiric touch      O   X
vision         O   X
wall of flesh      O   X
weaken         O   X
winds of fortune   O   X
word of pain      O   X
acid blast      O   O
acid shower      O   O
aegis         O   O
aerial servant      O   O
annihilation      O   O
armor         O   O
atonement      O   O
attunement      O   O
avalanche      O   O
awaken         O   O
awaken the abyss   O   O
beyond the shadows   O   O
bless         O   O
blessing of the avatar   O   O
blindness      O   O
blizzard      O   O
brambles      O   O
brothers in arms   O   O
brothers in valor   O   O
burning hands      O   O
call followers      O   O
call lightning      O   O
call of the cuillen   O   O
call of the sidhe   O   O
canopied arbor      O   O
chain lightning      O   O
charm person      O   O
chill bane      O   O
chill touch      O   O
chronos incantation   O   O
circle of healing   O   O
cleanse         O   O
closing weave      O   O
colour spray      O   O
control weather      O   O
convocation      O   O
corona         O   O
corrosive surge      O   O
create food      O   O
create water      O   O
cry of the avatars   O   O
cure blind      O   O
cure critic      O   O
cure deafness      O   O
cure light      O   O
cure minor      O   O
cure normal      O   O
cure serious      O   O
damnation      O   O
dance of the many   O   O
dance of the seven    O   O
dark mace      O   O
dawnfire      O   O
demon touch   O   O
detect disease   O   O
detect poison   O   O
disintegrate   O   O
dispel evil   O   O
dream talk   O   O
dreams of the castle   O   O
earthquake   O   O
echolocation   O   O
elemental resistance   O   O
enchant weapon   O   O
extinction   O   O
eye of the beholder   O   O
faerie fire   O   O
familiar   O   O
fare thee well   O   O
feast   O   O
fire bane   O   O
fireball   O   O
firestorm   O   O
firewind   O   O
flame strike   O   O
flames at midnight   O   O
flesh golem   O   O
fluidity   O   O
fog   O   O
force field   O   O
freeze   O   O
freshwater   O   O
frostbolt   O   O
garden   O   O
gate   O   O
glamour   O   O
gods of war   O   O
goodberry   O   O
grace   O   O
greater heal   O   O
greater lloyds beacon   O   O
greater refresh   O   O
haste   O   O
haunted dirge   O   O
heal   O   O
hedge maze   O   O
hellfire   O   O
hermetic resonance   O   O
hermetic ward   O   O
hymn of an artisan   O   O
hymn of the morning star   O   O
ice ray   O   O
ice storm   O   O
identify   O   O
identify   O   O
iron skin   O   O
knights blessing   O   O
knights prayer   O   O
kylas delight   O   O
lightning bolt   O   O
lion chorus   O   O
lloyds beacon   O   O
locate object   O   O
magic lantern   O   O
magic missile   O   O
magic rope   O   O
mantra of the ancient tribes   O   O
march of the heroes   O   O
mass fly   O   O
mass invisibility   O   O
mass water breathing   O   O
mass web   O   O
meteor swarm   O   O
mirror image   O   O
mobility   O   O
moon aura   O   O
morning glory   O   O
natures revival   O   O
natures upheaval   O   O
oghams psalm of discipline   O   O
passage   O   O
phase door   O   O
planar shift   O   O
preserve food   O   O
prismatic spray   O   O
raise dead   O   O
reflection   O   O
refresh   O   O
regeneration   O   O
reign of confusion   O   O
relocation   O   O
remove curse   O   O
remove disease   O   O
remove poison   O   O
resist poison   O   O
restoration   O   O
rina cruinne   O   O
sacred reprieve   O   O
sanctuary   O   O
sanctuary for the body   O   O
sanctuary for the soul   O   O
sandstorm   O   O
scrybite   O   O
shield of faith   O   O
shield of thorns   O   O
shocking grasp   O   O
sleep   O   O
song of the mist   O   O
****** shower   O   O
spell shield   O   O
spiritual hammer   O   O
stamina   O   O
stone skin   O   O
stone to flesh   O   O
succor   O   O
sunbeam   O   O
supplication   O   O
talshans diablerie   O   O
talshans tribute   O   O
telepathy   O   O
teleport   O   O
there and back again   O   O
thunder clap   O   O
tiger endurance   O   O
turn undead   O   O
twister   O   O
ventriloquate   O   O
walk of the cheetah   O   O
wall of sleep   O   O
wealth and glory   O   O
web   O   O
wellberry   O   O
will o the wisp   O   O
willow wind   O   O
wizards eye   O   O
word of recall   O   O
word of torment   O   O

If someone wants to do better than Driven - which shouldn't be hard given this list, then be my guest.

There are two things I would suggest...

1) Favour necro spells - include the ones Driven missed. (O X)
2) Don't discount what the notes say about Xicilia's health or condition. It might be possible that one of the spells that needs to be up might be a disease or negative affect.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby *Neptune* » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:58 pm

I have taken a gander at the loading of the staff components
and it appears as if some of them mysteriously unloaded
themselves from consideration and selection. That should
be resolved now.

Let us know if you run into any more issues.

Thanks, hope that helps.

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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Driven » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:07 pm

Took almost 2 days of cycling Asylum, but I finally popped the final clue off the analyst.

There is something written upon it:

Patient File: XAPF-00734673023
We have not been able to locate Xicilia for several
days, which leads me
to believe she has escaped the facility. I have asked
our guests if any
of them have seen her. One of the madmen upstairs
reported that she entered his room through the crack below the door, as a cloud of
mist, and threatened
to kill him and then reanimate his corpse if he told
anyone. One of the
orderlies also saw her in the courtyard that same
morning. When he went to
apprehend her, she uttered some strange words and a
thick fog surrounded her.
Xicilia has not been seen since.
A confidential file crumbles in your hands.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Gorka » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:45 pm

## Mod Ability - History - Xp Cost / Gold Cost
1) +1 Max Strength - 0 of 1 - 50.00 B / 25.00 M
2) +1 Max Intelligence - 0 of 1 - 50.00 B / 25.00 M
3) +1 Max Wisdom - 0 of 1 - 50.00 B / 25.00 M
4) +1 Max Dexterity - 0 of 1 - 125.00 B / 62.50 M
5) +1 Max Constitution - 0 of 1 - 50.00 B / 25.00 M

6) +1 Hit Points - 0 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
7) +1 Mana Points - 0 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
8) +1 Movement Points - 0 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
9) +1 Hit Point Regen - 0 of 40 - 6.25 B / 3.12 M
10) +1 Mana Point Regen - 0 of 10 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M
11) +1 Movement Point Regen - 0 of 30 - 8.33 B / 4.17 M

12) +1 Hit Roll - 0 of 3 - 37.50 B / 18.75 M
13) +1 Damage Roll - 0 of 3 - 50.00 B / 25.00 M
14) +1 Bonus Circle Damage - 0 of 30 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
15) +1 Flail Damage - 0 of 30 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
16) +1 Bonus Hand Damage - 0 of 6 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M
17) +1 Kick Damage - 0 of 30 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
18) +1 Bonus Spell Damage - 0 of 30 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
19) +1 Bonus Stab Damage - 0 of 60 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
20) +1 Bonus Weapon Damage - 0 of 6 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M

21) -0.1 Armor Class - 0 of 3 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M
22) +1 Bonus Charisma - 0 of 3 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
23) +1 Bonus Damage Reduction - 0 of 3 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M
24) +1 Bonus Heal Bonus - 0 of 30 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
25) +1 System Shock - 0 of 3 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
26) +1 Bonus Undead Control - 0 of 3 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M

27) -1 Save Breath - 0 of 3 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
28) -1 Save Paralyzation - 0 of 3 - 5.00 B / 2.50 M
29) -1 Save Petrification - 0 of 3 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
30) -1 Save Poison - 0 of 3 - 2.50 B / 1.25 M
31) -1 Save Spell - 0 of 3 - 25.00 B / 12.50 M
Gold coins will be deducted from your bank account if you donot have
enough gold in hand at time of purchase.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Driven » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:35 pm

Kudos to Teker (and Neptune) for a great quest line and method of getting to the rebirth shop. It took us quite a while to figure all of this out. I will not post the full condition on the forum so that others have the pleasure of having the excitement of reading the clues appropriately and seeing their knowledge pay off. I will not spoil the surprise of what the area is actually like, either, but I strongly advise against being in the room when a 9x40 rebirth planar shifts under the proper conditions. Strongly.

Happy hunting!
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Filk » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:26 am

And what about the people who dont like such riddles and thus lose that part of the game?
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Driven » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:13 am

Just ask me or someone else ingame... I at least wanted to give people the option of discovery.
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Vegetable » Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:05 am

Hrmm, looks like there is no cap on how much hp/mana you could buy. Or am i missing something?
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Re: Rebirth Shop Info

Postby Gorka » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:38 am

That's correct, plant consumed by humans or other animals as food.

However the exponential modifier will kick in fairly quickly I would imagine, so I wouldn't get too excited. I'm really pleased to see it. I'm hoping shop might be expanded at some point, ie, perm spells? For example you probably just lost 3 dam on your warcry for solo in the changes recently, so net effect of buying damage in the shop is already 0. Considering the eq and proc weapon changes recently, +6 weapon damage is closer to 5% of the improvement we've had recently. The mage gauntlets are the most insane increase ever, next to the already insane Sphairai and Winterblade. To some degree the shop improvements are really quite constrained compared to almost anything that's gone in the past year. Having already purchased most of the working damages in the shop and being a player who measures numbers, although I am definitely more powerful, I am not getting xp much faster, because literally half the game++ is spent actually moving between targets... and +6 dam on typical xp mobs won't even kill a mob a whole round faster... what we will notice though is groups kill group mobs far quicker.

One might assume that a players power constrains his own ability to gain xp... and it does... but game mechanics such as regen, moving between mobs, the time each round takes, xp caps actually control the speed of the game more than we imagine. I think we will sense grouping is more powerful before we see powerful players... The way the game works at the moment solo, even +10 dam hardly would kill a typical xp mob 1 round faster... but add +10dam to everyone in the group... Already groups can run half the epics back to back without a regen, and the xp/time is fairly poor. I think any problems that arise are more likely to be seen in grouping first rather than solo. Already groups eat through 40m mobs in 2-3 rounds, that your typical epic just isn't worth the xp... this is a sign that typical group mobs are immensely weaker, as a proportional of group power, than they have ever been. Solo player power has always mostly been about technique not damage, you fight one round and then retreat. As demonstrated by the recent change to warcry, removing that hp shield now means you have to heal for most mobs, that's caused me to run far slower... even though my damage has been numerically increasing. XP caps effectively strangle all improvements anyway because they limit the xp reward no matter the player power. You might notice that with all this extra power the xp caps haven't moved in years, so the real effect of more power is only really run speed, which I mentioned is limited more than half by regen and movement.

I see I have waffled on, far to long... the point I am making is that rebirth shop for a solo player is actually pretty conservative... But it's effect on grouping in time will be quite noticeable I think. If a solo player has a power level of 100 and gains 10% not a lot happens. But if a group has a power level of 1000 and gains 10% it gains far more.
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