Renewable Drachma for T2-T3 Runes

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Renewable Drachma for T2-T3 Runes

Postby Gorka » Sun May 19, 2019 2:47 am

I would like to suggest that renewable drachma for T2-T3 runes be added to the game.

I've been told that I have accumulated the most xp in the history of this game, which suggests that it's likely I have killed the most mobs, and probably have more gems than most players... I only say this to point out, that I likely have the most to gain from this idea... and even so I probably wouldn't gain anymore than another drachma item from my surplus gems, after 3 years of playing.

Creating a T2-T3 rune is still a long winded process that you can't really do anything to make shorter (because essentially there is a supply issue). It can't really be controlled by a player and therefore it's a very slow rate, but consistent rate of return over time. I don't think a T1 rune should be worth any drachma... T1's should be for the gamble with Reece.

It would actually be slower potentially than rebirthing. For example, someone like myself makes it back to 9x40 in less than 2 months... but over that I time I will accumulate about 5k drachma in requesting. How many T2-T3 runes do you expect a player can make in that 2month period? 1? None?

Even as a rebirth, I could still spend at minimum another 5k drachma on new shiny items. Getting drachma at my stage of the game is near impossible, and mostly relies on "gift" drachma from imm run quests, which in my opinion isn't really earned.

Also some of us are at that stage where we do have surplus runes we don't need, and yet new players simply don't have anything we need in exchange for them. I also note the price of gems is a little more than half what they used to be, which suggests after time the supply is a little higher than the need. I think the price being higher would aid newbie's who win gems in groups who can then level easier from the sale of them.

I've been thinking a T2 rune might be worth about 25 drachma, and a T3 rune 50 drachma. The concept of renewable drachma has always been a discussed issue, and at various stages it's been implemented - there used to be a chance at drachma for killing epics, rebirth, renewable item forges... it's not a new idea, and I think that this idea would be a slower rate of return than all of them, but more importantly... it's earned only with time.

What do you think?

Can we implement this tomorrow? :| :twisted:
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