New Drachma Eq Observations

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New Drachma Eq Observations

Postby Gorka » Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:48 am

Since the new drachma eq has gone in, I have observed my ac/weapon damage mode change to exist of almost entirely non regular eq... that is 3x40 and drachma eq. That's not a bad thing... I play a lot, I am rebirth and have sourced a lot of drachma... it's come about by a greater investment in sloth than most players are prepared to make. I like the new drachma eq, and I purchased a crap load of it, with plans to buy more.

However there is a downside... and that is the value of forges in the game has been eroded. Forging better eq is one of the pillars of the game, and I think it's value to the game should be protected.

It is sometimes said, by some, that most equipment in the game is useless (Not true in reality). The idea of forges was that the useless can become useful. Now that a lot of forges are now also "useless" (sic)... perhaps the plight of forges needs to be reviewed.

I have noticed in my time at sloth that we have gone through phases of forges being better than drachma eq and then drachma eq being better than forges. We know it's a balance but it's difficult to maintain.

There is a key problem with eq systems, in that essentially players only ever need the best piece of equipment. This is why avatar shop and rebirth shop are technically better ideas as the rewards don't become limited with the restrictions of worn eq or slots. This is why clasps and sockets essentially opened up new pathways which injected a lot of life into this game.

In a boring but technically more efficient world, there would be no eq at all, players would just be awarded attribute points to their character as they progress through the game. However that idea limits player specialization and creativity that the eq system provides.

The reason for this post is just to point out there should be some future focus awarded to ideas of making the old forges useful. We do it already... where lesser forges become greater forges, and greater forges become used in the new drachma forges (Very Good Idea!)... Greater forges could be used in drachma quests of the style of devil skins perhaps.

In any case, just something to think about. I sense we need to protect the value of forges through making these items useful again, even if they are just traded away for some reward. How things exist at the moment, my advice to new players would be to do all quests, rebirth as quick as possible, don't bother with forges. However what type of player does this create? This is not the type of player we want, who hasn't been "enriched" by the struggle to level an artifact or now somewhat defunct forges.

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Re: New Drachma Eq Observations

Postby Driven » Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:54 pm

Yep, good point about the old forges. I also am a huge fan of requiring stepping stones for progression, where the forges can be used in drachma-related forges or for quest turn-in. Which forges do you feel have been antiquated?

I think maybe some of them include:
Dwarvish greaves
Greaves of valor
Fiery silver leg plates
Enhanced greaves of valor
Helm of the dwarveS
Helm of the benevolent father
Luminescent helm
Crystal greatshield
Shield of the daywalker
Ruddy scale shield
Adamantite greatshield
glimmering sleeves
Obsidian sleeves
Sleeves of the obsidian knight
Flaming black silk sleeves
Malachite shoulderguards
shoulder guards of the mystical yooper
Adamantium Sceptre
Crystalline tail of the necrophidius
obsidian serpent
Belt of nefarious magic
Diamond-studded gauntlets
Serpent-skin gauntlets
2nd forge of emerald gauntlets
Stone encased shackle
vengeful spirit bracer
ring of blue ice
ring of white fire
Ring of celtic nobles
Sunburst ring
Bloodstone ring
Which weapons?
Hook-nailed avian claw
Tear of night

I know there are a number of forges that are no longer 'the best' because of new drachma eq, like the battlehelm of planar conquest, gleaming legplates, or the saurian sleeves. I think there are two categories here... forges players would actually use if they don't have enough drachma to buy the drachma item, and forges that no one ever bothers to do. We need to figure out how to revitalize the forges that no one ever bothers to do, while the other forges might be lower priority to address.
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Re: New Drachma Eq Observations

Postby cyprimus » Wed May 01, 2019 1:17 pm

Ahem. yep. like i said. would like to be able to buy base cap, not just bonus. I also rarely forge anything.. i an not on long enough most the time to do eq pops..
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Ideas for the Obsolete Forges

Postby Gorka » Thu May 02, 2019 7:28 am

Personally I feel drachma eq should be better than forges... forges could be used more in drachma eq forges. So what to do with all the crappy forges? Decided to pen some ideas and attempt to be useful.

* Firstly, If I may try and make Cyp's post more useful, a decent forge could do a regular stat point + 1 as a perm change. There could be a trade for regular INT/DEX/STR/DEX/CON etc. Or maybe just one of these, but your choice. Seems reasonable.

* There could be inverse coin quest. A mob that pays 50mill or something for a decent forge... that's a great help to players buying vaults.

* Can never get enough drachma with all those new shiny items. Even a rebirth who does 90% of quests and plays as much as I do is short of drachma.

* I note we have bags for spellbooks, potions, shards, scrolls, gems, choppers, but we don't have bags for tokens. I assume a token bag might help with the silly rent prices. I drop on the ground spellbooks and shards when I pop them because they fill my inv. If I could put them some place I'd be more inclined to collect for other players and dump at scribes etc. Maybe in some cases the existing bags could be awarded.

* There are a number of drachma spellbooks I am never going to buy (like mass greater refresh), but if there were a quest to give them out I would do it. Also gives people another option.

* In the line of the resist disease clasp from forsaken swamp there are lesser clasp out there somewhat useful to have in some situations... resist acid/electricity. Even a waterbreath clasp, as the existing one has been devalued a lot, with water breath eq, and the fact you can script water breath now using MSDP and the room terrain.

* There could be a trade to make a player 30-40 years younger... maybe even repeatable. But you can only use this idea if you make the quest mob called "L'Oréal." :lol:

* There could be a trade to imbue the property of an attribute of a traded item, into another item... For example a certain forge could allow you to imbue an ac point or ma regen point into an existing item. I have some reservations with this idea, and it may require further coding. It doesn't have to be as useful as ma regen or ac either, there are other lesser things such as resists, mv regen. How about imbuing the water breath from carbo's into avatar light for example...

* Not sure if some item could slow eating and drinking? This seems like a dumb thought from a warrior who is always gorging.

* Could some item increase spell duration of enhancement spells or something to that effect?

* Here is probably my favourite and unlikely to be used idea, could forges handed into a mob, increase the number of beacons a player can have. Not that I want to suggest any idea that might take Teker off rebirth shop, but if the sloth beacons system was expandable... people could earn more beacons for forges. I could spit off 5-10 places I'd have beacons if I had them, in less than 20 seconds. Mobility strangles this game a little bit! Volunteer to run to The Moors of Gr'Valdh? None, oh, that's unusual... :twisted:
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