10 Rules to help you be unsuccessful in Sloth

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10 Rules to help you be unsuccessful in Sloth

Postby Gorka » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:17 am

* Don't lead
Because by leading, you will learn more things, you will have more knowledge and power and therefore more opportunity.

* Bot in groups / do not pay attention
Ignoring your responsibilities will improve your relationships with others and your possibilities of gaining from them.

* Make lots of chars
Better to have 10 weak chars and resources split 10 ways than one powerful one.

* Major in Non prime specialization
Because the lower caps, and less eq will aid you in your search for domination. But you can always blame the game for not meeting your needs. Groups favor specialists not generalists, so don't be special.

* Only group
Because clearly groups is the best way to get coins and lots of gems.

* Don't explore
Better to kill what you know, than the mob in the next area worth twice as much for the same work.

* Don't work on your scripts
Because automating frequent tasks could save you to much time, resources and responses.

* Give up when it's hard
Because clearly success only comes when it's given to you, not earned.

* Don't plan or crunch numbers
Because then you might understand what your problems really are and how to fix them.

* Kill mobs that are wrong for you
Because being more efficient and killing more of the right size mobs may make you more successful and richer.
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