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Shard Colors Shard Areas

Postby *Idjit* » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:53 am

Herewith, the contents of "Shard Colors.txt"
if anyone knows where luminous shards load other than westwood, put a reply.

opalescent enhancement (blue rippleS) (Hellwell mobs)
metallic = channelling (sky elves, orc mines, Formian colony) (red ripples)
milky = healing (mobs in BH Pirates) (green ripples) (also Enea's temple) (jungle of Sess Innek island)
veined = shaping (convocation) (crystal lizards MH) (orange ripples) (also Centaurs SS)
jet black = necromancy (spectral shield) (black ripples) (Tarot mobs)
mental = clear (mobs in zodiac II) (violet ripples) (water planes AH)
summoning = luminous (yellow ripples) (Westwood mobs)

Raven's roost(IS) is Random Shards.
Dark Chasm (AH) is Random Shards.
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Re: Shard Colors Shard Areas

Postby Teron » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:47 am

More info:
opalescent - dweb.
veined: the earth plane (not extension),
jet-black: chasm (pops mostly black, but also pops others randomly)
luminous: demonees.

I have Sky Elves marked as opalescent, not metallic shards. I'm almost sure it's the former.

Some areas pop random shards, we probably want to mark those areas as well. E.g., the EU extensions pop shards afair.

There may be more areas - you see the stratum as you enter with detect magic on. It's only a matter of taking note of those messages, when you see them.
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