Avatar Title Symmetry (spotted by Whatta)

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Avatar Title Symmetry (spotted by Whatta)

Postby *Idjit* » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:02 pm

oohhh. Curvy.

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*Immortals of SlothMUD*
[*LeftOfCenter*  ] Neptune [JAFO] Vote! Vote!

[ pri sec ter qua qui hex sep oct ] Players
[       *Wizard*  Ma:9.40         ] Ezekiel ~Dragonsworn~ thanks Splork and Breeze
[      *Overlord*  Wa:9.40        ] Stun ~Dragonsworn~ rebirth 'r us
[     *Loremaster*  Ba:9.40       ] Sochi wtt jacinth for pdiamond
[     *Grand Druid*  Dr:9.40      ] Jackalope greater eudaemon
[     *Enlightened*  Mo:8.39      ] Driven [Legends of Galilee]
[     *Hierophant*  Cl:6.33       ] Padme ... ::LeMuRs::
[      *Champion*  Wa:6.30        ] Ozzy these scripts are made for working
[       *Knight*  Wa:6.30         ] Roga ::LeMuRs:: mostly
[        *Seer*  Ma:4.25          ] Bijaz ::LeMuRs:: Thanks Splat and Zeke
[ 40w 30n 24c 20m|13d  9b  8t  7o ] Angryspider the Untitled
[ 30w 20o 20c 18m| 4n  4d  4t  1b ] Belwar
[ 20w 20c 20n 12b| 7d 12m  3t  2o ] Arde :)
[ 20c 20m 20n 10b| 6w  5d  4o  3t ] Whatta ^W^W^W3t ]
[ 14d 12t 10m  8w| 6b  4o  2c  1n ] Unmace a pillar of transience*** Press return ***

It doesn't look as nice in the forum's text formatting but it made a nice uniform curve of avatar title lengths.
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Re: Avatar Title Symmetry (spotted by Whatta)

Postby Gorka » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:29 am

Gimme a G! Gimme a ORKA!
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