Guidelines to appropriate levels of excitement in VMUD's.

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Guidelines to appropriate levels of excitement in VMUD's.

Postby Gorka » Sun May 20, 2018 5:41 am

A Routers sponsored study into the excitement level of mudders to gaming situations has resulted in published guidelines to appropriate levels of excitement in integer collecting virtual multi user dungeons.

For millennia integer collectors in virtual multi user dungeons have wondered how much fake congratulatory affirmation to offer other players as they reach their game goals.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gorka and Professor Arya Zuzupoopie (Lemurs Institute) have combined to release these guidelines for players on the appropriate levels of fake congratulatory excitement to offer players celebrating in-game achievements.

The study embodies the un-life’s worth of both plus 23mins and 16 seconds of thought that went into the preparation of this completely scientific and indisputable document.

Although the science behind these topics is indeed complex both have agreed to try and break down the results into a simple 10 point scale as some are still grappling with the complexity of assisting in groups.

The 10 point excitement scale can be broken down into fractions, and sub fractions… For example if Cleric 17 attracted an excitement score of 3.3453 (with modifiers) Players are therefore expected to provide a 34.53% increase on excitement level 3, disproportionate to the response recommended by excitement level 4. Level Tables of excitement are provided below, with brief examples.

Excitement Level = Level Table Excitement Points (if applicable) + Applicable Factors + Mood

Level 1 - Pretend to be thankful or excited, but frame it like you’ve just won a bloodstone.
Level 2 - Constrained excitement. A grin or a smile. An acknowledgement is made, the game can move on.
Level 3 - A lick or touch emotion, or something that says… I see what you did there and I liked it.
Level 4 - A communication of “gratz” or “thanks” offered. You cared enough to type some letters.
Level 5 – Use of an exclamation point with your salutation would be completely appropriate.
Level 6 – So you’re kind of excited at this point, so you type a phrase to express that.
Level 7 – You’re so excited about your last phrase to the point you corrected the typo you made in it.
Level 8 - Petting and fondling. May or may not include French kissing. (Careful with female players)
Level 9 - A loud animal noise, demonstrating your excitement has rendered you unable to express your excitement in a human manner.
Level 10 - Use of all caps or alternating lower case and upper case letters separated by spaces required. You’ve just won a Rhodo… it was the last one you needed.

Level gains: Number of class levels times 0.25 excitement points.
Player is Newbie: +2 excitement points minus the ratio of the minutes played.
Imm does something: +10 excitement points – studies showed the gravity of brown nosing imms can not be understated enough.
Necro 24: 10 excitement points… because simulacrum…
Player seems more excited than usual: +.5 excitement points
You’re Taron: Excitement points / 2. It’s not really that great anyway and the facts were wrong.
Rank Gain: Level gained +2 excitement points.
Fargate is appropriated: 4 excitement points.
You’re an old player: -1 excitement point… because back in sloth 1 or 2 or 3…

Inappropriate Usage of excitement…
Arya (gossip): good night slothers
Arya (gossip): even Gork
Gorka (gossip): gratz arya!
Gorka (gossip): on your sleepiness, it's very exciting for me
Gimme a G! Gimme a ORKA!
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