EQ and other info from opener quest (Planar Nexus)

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EQ and other info from opener quest (Planar Nexus)

Postby Tuck » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:57 pm

- new continent Euridyce with it's own recall point - recall area is Planar Nexus.
- innkeeper is zhanna (gateable)
- most huge mobs are disints (disints doubled)
- use cockroach form to run in magma plane
- albatross form works with 'soar Euridyce' 'soar nexus' and 'soar eu' (thanks breeze)

1) mass of quivering tentacles: -0.6 +hd +hit prime monk, and 5x40. (pop from octapus)
2) the tassets of the knights templar: leggings -1.2 -2saves -2weapon_dam. (pop from Aeolus)
3) battered helm 1.0 +con +5 resist poison -1.0 +con +5 resist poison (
4) the bracers of perseverance: -0.6 +con +dam, 40 nc and 2x40 (rhea smth...)
5) a pair of jade slippers: 2 int, +1mregen, -1 con, no ac, 5x40 (popped on Axzaelqrvha)
6) <body> the mail of the eastern squall: -1.6 +dam +resist_cold (popped on Eurus)
7) set of bronze dragonscale leggings: -1.5, REDUCE_DAMAGE by 1, WATER_BREATHING by 1, 5x40 (popped on quezvxyllha)
8) <light> a sphere of elemental focus: +2hit +1con restricts like 40 war/40 thief (popped on aboleth)
9) a belt of liquid fire <waist>: -.2 +max_con (popped on Abraxis)
10) ruby dragonscale helmet: -.9 max_dex, 4xnc 40, 5x40 (popped on Ajkllyflljyk, the Volcanic Dragon)
11) ball of magma<light>: heal_bonus +5, +1 wis, caster 2x40 (popped on The Vulcan priest)

Forges @ Smith:
1) mace elemental time: 3D5, +7 mana, -1 Saves
2) battlehelm helm: -1.3, +2 Weapon_dam, Fly
3) fangs fire serpent clasp attaches to the boots of serpentinous flame: +1 dam
4) shield skulls flaming: -.6, +Max_Int, 1 undead control
5) scallop sea diamond pin clasp attaches to tunic of the mystic healer: +25 MANA

post moar please info if you have it

Triggers to follow leading in area:
^(\w+) is sucked into the whirlwind!$ -> enter whirlwind
^(\w+) covers their ears as their body fades from view!!!!$ -> exa lute
^(\w+) fades out of view into an explosion of sand!!$ -> enter pool

Thanks to Neptune for area, Taron for leading, and all other peeps for fun.
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Re: EQ and other info from opener quest (Planar Nexus)

Postby Ezekiel » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:39 am

Wow, seems heavy on the th/mo/wa eq so far...hopefully caster gear will be found soon!
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