Ideas for Equipment Based Quests

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Ideas for Equipment Based Quests

Postby Hermoon » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:34 pm

Here are two simple quests that would be easy to organise:

The Nekkid Run
Runners start with no equipment or coins and must not access vaults or banks. ‘No Gate’ characters start at the South Gate of Newbatia, others start at the East Gate of Bal Harbour. The aim of the quest is to equip your character as best you can within 60 minutes. Marks are awarded for the number of items, the stats of the equipment and how well the items suit the character’s prime class. Divisions on level should be made, e.g. newbie, lowbie, mid, avatar. Winners in each division should be awarded a piece of temporary equipment (similar to Holy equipment). Goodie bags should be given to everyone who took part in the quest.

Each babysitter should group a character (below level 21). The aim of the babysitter is to attempt to obtain four pieces of equipment for a character under level 21. Each piece of equipment must originate on a different continent/island; the items should include a light, a holdable item, a piece of armour and a weapon. Points are awarded for equipment stats and the time taken to complete the task. Babysitters should earn substantial honour points according to the points they scored in the quest. Babies are allowed to retain their group’s loot.
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