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Postby Josiah » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:58 pm

Gorka wrote:Wow, very nice change to counters.

I've done a few coliseum test runs calculating my total damage wearing my various eq modes.

Already I've worked out...

That a spell save is worth about 5 spell damage or greater.
That damage increasing eq has more of a net benefit than wearing damage reduction/ac.
That a handdam is about +10 damage to grip.
That two strikes don't beat my firewind.
That a minor sun house is pretty much +20 spell damage.

I guess all of this could be calculated before with hours and hours of work in the arena, some of the information isn't exactly new, but very grateful all the same for a massive opportunity to get a bit more nerdy with the numbers... a part of sloth I really enjoy.

PS msdp.LOCATION still stuffed, ran all the way to coliseum without it updating.

Yep, it was all calculated previously, but with enormous amounts of effort. I'm happy that the numbers are now available to everyone without the need to reverse engineer the game.

Also, either your strikes are weaksauce or your firewinds are unexpectedly strong. Strike maxes out at about 230 average damage.

Nerdy numbers are awesome.
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