Halloween 2016 Quest Round Up

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Halloween 2016 Quest Round Up

Postby Teron » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:41 am


Recently Idjit found time in his sleep schedule to run us a Halloween quest, for which we are grateful.

Lots of epics were loaded with drachma tokens, and we even had a staff of the tempests that gave us armor and damage to help us kill those epics. Also, there were lots of lesser and greater vampires, which we could kill or subdue for drachma. Additionally, green undeads roam the world - these are small epics/gold mobs.

So we got the staff from Atlas, then started killing epics, Firefly and Madmonk, because they were squishy and epics needed someone to chew. We also killed the Great Pumpkin and the Headless Horseman. It all went well until we got to Miska, where our fearless leader couldn't staff due to the staff of the tempests in the inv (supposedly - we all know he has butter fingers).

So after most epics died - we didn't have the heart to kill Pale Night - we started killing things left and right for exp.

Thus, the Halloween night was full of epic carnage, honor and drachma, for which we are all very grateful.

I'd like to thank Idjit for finding the effort and time to run the quest, Josiah for tanking exceptionally and others for participating. Kudos to Madmonk for sticking to us despite all his deaths.

Also, I heard rumors - a legend, even - of a certain berserk warrior, who had solely annihilated about 70 vampires by tearing their hearts out with his bare hands, but there were no surviving witnesses - just sites of slaughter. Maybe bards will conjure songs about him to cherish his devotion to slaying evil to protect the world of Jord.

P.S. Despite sounding like a broken record, and while hiding behind a disclaimer that there must've been reasons to do this quest this way, and no other, and that I accept them, I should say that an immort can get many more people to his quest, if he/she/they:
- chooses the time that works well both(?) for the US/EU/Asia/Aus people, such as 8-10am/7-9pm PST on Saturday
- announces at least a week or two in advance
- specifies the precise server time in the announcement
- promotes the announcement using various methods: ingame messages, titles, general forum, inviting the quest mob with the announcement to the inns, the Telegram channel, etc.
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