Changelog 2015-08-23

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Changelog 2015-08-23

Postby *teker* » Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:02 pm

With this morning's reboot the following ideas were added to the game:

104) fix there and back again to allow for 'clear' to clear it.
Help file has also been updated to show the new option.

123) sell all.keyword
Implemented this along with sell all. You'll get a summary at the bottom of how many items failed to sell - you'll have to try to sell them individually to see why the shopkeeper rejected them. As always, shopkeepers reserve the right to buy and mark-up accidentally sold items at astronomical prices.

16) short variant for "collect" command : "coll" is ok I think
89) collect command, anywhere other than auctioneer say "You can only collect at an auction house."
"coll" is the short version and should work at the auction houses. "col" (as previous) toggles color mode.

96) add weapon weight max to HELP STAT STRENGTH
It's in there now.

Breeze Edit:
blah) innkeepers/void fairy wont charge rent for first hour game is back after reboot/crash
blah+1) fixed small bug where sometimes weapon_dam wasnt being properly applied.
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