Coliseum Reset and Revamp Cometh

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Coliseum Reset and Revamp Cometh

Postby *juggleblood* » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:53 am

Hail Gladiators of Jord!

The coliseum is getting revamped and scores will be reset, giving you more chances for fame, glory and drachma.

A few words of note:

1. The old scores will be preserved as they are for posterity, in game, and hopefully on the website.
2. New coliseum will have the same levels plus a newbie level for sub-21 characters (Valkers).
3. Chaos pit will remain untouched for now.
4. Final date of changeover is to be determined, but should be soon, i.e. days, not weeks.
5. New coliseum will have all new mobs.
6. Players and pets will be dispelled on entry to the arena.
7. Other new features to be announced upon opening.
8. Do not expect the same class orders to dominate.
9. There will be no high scorer drachma so as to prevent any sense of urgency / unfairness.
10. There is no tenth word of note, but it felt wrong to end at nine.
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