Drachma Reward for nailing down autoquest bug

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Drachma Reward for nailing down autoquest bug

Postby *juggleblood* » Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:33 am

For years now I've been mystified by autoquesters, specifically the ones with multiple autoquests, telling the players that they've already completed that autoquest, when in fact they haven't.

My theory is that it seems to happen after you have recently completed a different autoquest on the same mob, but I'm not sure.

Anyone who can nail down the bug and show me how to repeat it, can receive a 10 drachma reward.

And if you ever run into this issue, ask any imm who is online to please destroy and recreate the mob, and see if that fixes the issue. And if it does not, track me down and I will manually reward you and set the quest flag on your char.

Thanks for your patience and happy bug hunting. Send log of bug to juggleblood@slothmud.org and send a mudmail to me to let me know, just in case it goes to junk. Or alternatively post log to bug section of crier under heading 'the autoquester bug'. Thx.
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