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Postby Thraxas » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:59 pm

Slothmud dosent as far as I can see have a formal code of conduct. I wonder if now might be the time to put one in place?
A quick trawl of other muds shows that they are commonly part of the rules of a mud, some examples below:

AArdwolf Code of Conduct: ... pPolicies3

Help Policies3
We simply ask for people to follow basic standards of civil conduct on
public forums, including boards, channels, and populated areas. We would
prefer that players act in a mature fashion under their own free will, but
if an argument reaches the point where it spills over into public places
and is spoiling everyone's enjoyment of the mud, we will become involved,
provided players have made an effort to resolve it themselves first.

Sexual harassment of any kind is not acceptable.

If you have a problem with somebody, we ask that you just try to avoid
contact with them. Taking an argument to tells might help, but harassment
can be private just as well as public. If somebody asks you to stop doing
something, generally, the best advice is to stop.

The 'ignore' command exists precisely to help deal with this situation,
so please use it before you ask for Immortal intervention. This will stop
you from seeing tells from the ignored player, as well as seeing them on

Use some common sense- if you can avoid the situation via your own methods,
do so. More often than not, you will find they stop harassing you when
you stop giving them your attention. If someone has you on ignore, leave
them alone. Posting personal notes or creating alts to get around ignore
will not be tolerated by either party.

These policies do not extend beyond the realm of Aardwolf and its servers;
opinions on external locations (e.g., player/clan web pages. etc.) are not
policed by the Immortal staff.

Achaea Harrassment Rule

Harassment is not tolerated, including all forms of sexual harassment. The
determination of harassment is based on our judgement alone, and may include
(but is not limited to) cases of repeated unwanted communications of any kind,
or even the mention of real-world information such as name, city, and the like.

The place where the harassment occurs is mostly, but not entirely confined
to Achaea, potentially including other forms of communication at our
discretion, including (but not limited to) emails, forum posts, or instant

We may choose to take into account information outside of Achaea, but please
keep in mind that we are not a real world law enforcement agency. We are not in
a position to protect you from real world threats, harassment, or harm. If the
harassment you are experiencing is of this nature, please contact real world
authorities immediately.

In our sole determination, if the offence is serious enough, we may alert your
service provider (ISP), your workplace, your university, or other relevant
institutions, giving them details of your use of their resources.

mdhoria rules

Harassment. Harassing another player over any OOC line of communication is illegal. Do not take an IC action OOC. If someone kills you, deal with it in an IC fashion. Swearing at or directly abusing someone over an OOC communication line is illegal. Abuse of tells can result in a loss of tells. Sexually harassing players, or making racial remarks over OOC communication lines will not be tolerated. If someone asks you to stop sending them tells, then stop. If you are caught harassing someone, you will be deleted. If repeated harassment comes from your site, then your site will be banned.

1) Respect other's rights to have fun. This includes, but is not limited
to: No profanity on open channels. Don't harrass someone. If asked to leave
someone alone, do so. Do not make unprovoked aggressive acts towards
newbies (under level 30). Give them a chance to get into the game before
you get them killed. Don't trick other people (deceiving them of your real
life gender when it could matter). Don't be grossly distasteful, this is a
PG-13 MUD. s's just not fun to.

Dark Realms
Private communication: Try not to use language that is considered offensive.
You can certainly joke around with your friends, but if someone complains or
asks you to stop, either stop or go someplace else.

Public communication: Do not use obscenities or vulgar language in shout,
including obscenities censored with obfuscating characters such as "@" or "#".
Do not create characters, zombies, groups, etc. with names that would be
considered foul or indecent. Do not create insultive or graphic character
descriptions for yourself or a zombie, etc.
Do not harass other players. Harassment may include, but is not limited
- Commands such as 'kiss', 'hug', 'french', etc., where not wanted.
- Following a player around against their will.
- Sending tells to a player against their will.

If a player asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

The Darker Realms administration takes harassment seriously. If you feel
someone is harassing you, tell them so, and ask them to stop. If they persist,
please contact a wizard immediately.
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