Halloween Quest 2015

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Halloween Quest 2015

Postby *Idjit* » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:07 pm

Greeting, mortals. It is I, Breeze - Lord of the Winds and Keeper of the
sacred voice. I am the thunder in the sky and flash of doom between
heaven and Jord. Hear me, and despair not in the tales I have to tell
but delight in the task and glory that is at hand.

Our world, Jord, is one of many. Evil exists in far more worlds than
good, and its foul ranks never tire nor do they resist agitation. As
such, our world has been breeched by the forces of evil once again,
when the conjunction is nigh and forthcoming. Even now, armies of
the dead gather for their assault upon our world. I have prepared
for this front that shall surely come, and have appealed to mine
brothers and sisters by ressurrecting the hero and vampire hunter,
Van Helsing, and his infinite wisdom and experience to help us combat
this menace. Imbued with the powers to reward all who assist with
pushing back the umbral forces, Van Helsing asks all who would be
heroes to fight along his side in battle against the hordes of undead
and evil. Van Helsing and I beseech all that would bathe in glory and
righteousness to gather 10 a.m. Pacific Time US October 31st to stage
our march against evil.

The minions of evil are sure to be lead by even more powerful beings.
No mere mortal power could have opened such a bridge between the worlds
as these without the aid of some thing. My spies tell us these powers
will be employing an item to assist them with keeping the rift between
world open. We believe this item to be none other than an ancient, lost
Staff of Angry Tempests. This staff must be retrieved, and used against
them. But to ensure our victory, Van Helsing asks that the corpses of all
otherworldly vampires be brought to him for proper disposal, else they
shall surely rise again and our efforts will have been all for naught.

Now, fly my people! Gather your forces, for the hour is close at hand. Let
us, together as one, beat back the dogs of war and send them back to the
foul corners of the planes from whence they came!




When: 10 a.m. Pacific Time, October 31st
Where: The World of Jord
What: Halloween Quest:

1. Return the corpses of the Vampires to Van Helsing for rewards.
This includes minions and greater powers that shall lead them.
2. To assist with your battles, treats will be scattered across
the realm for lucky heroes to find and use (or keep if they wish).
3. Regular epics will be loaded with Drachma tokens.
4. Custom Halloween epics will yield Drachma as well.
5. Gain honor by clearing out the "ghostly green" Haloween themed mobs.
6. Each of the aforementioned things will persist until they are
all killed off / collected or we experience a reboot or crash.

Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

-Your Immortal Staff
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