Halloween / Drachma Scatter

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Halloween / Drachma Scatter

Postby *Neptune* » Tue Oct 28, 2014 11:01 pm

This evening, Halloween settings have been turned on mud-wide.
In addition, 103 Halloween treats have been scattered across the
mud to all continents at random. Some will yield positive results.
Others? Not so positive. You have our goodly creator, Splork, to
thank for this one. I'm just the messenger. Everyone be sure to
give him a 'thank you' when you see him next.

A similar message will be posted to the events list as well. I expect
this event to last until all the tokens are found or we reach November
1st. Whichever comes first. Don't prepare for the worst, and don't
prepare for the best scenarios. But, when in doubt, prepare for
the strangest scenario.


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