Recently Translated...

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Recently Translated...

Postby *Neptune* » Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:46 pm

Recently uncovered from a captured messenger traveling between Niebelung and the Island to the south
and translated by the Galavan sages in The Rainbow Valley:

To My Queen, Supreme Highness of the Dark Web and beyond,

I most humbly thank you for the opportunity and your most gracious faith
to carry out your wishes and lead your subjects into battle against those
who would soon join your ranks as the most deserving of sheep to do your
bidding. We are most certainly in position and will soon march towards
their positions in the south. The inhabitants of these areas are eager to
serve, my lady, and perform the duties of the most loyal of subjects. It
is with great honor and pride that I announce commencement upon the
morrow when the terrible sun is at its highest point to vanquish and
overcome the unknowing fodder of Thallassas. Victory will soon be ours
as we bathe in the blood and servitude of our enemies.

Long live the Queen, Supreme Highness Lolth!

Most humbly yours,
Lord Sess'Inek, Commander of the 122nd Legion
The Night of the Spider Queen,
Month of the Long Shadows, year 871.
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