New Forge and Autoquest

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New Forge and Autoquest

Postby *Pixie* » Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:26 pm

A meeting of the Zodiac Mage Society (ZMS) was called to order by Master Mage Mennalen. At this meeting they discussed many issues on their agenda, one particular item stood out among the rest. Talk of a new Max_stat Leg Item. The decided to use a royal forge to create this item, after several days of deliberation they decided upon the items that would be required for such a forge and passed them along to the king who will perform create this new item at his personal forge.

A young woman never before seen at these meetings had a few things to say about this new item and requested that she could have some part in this as well. She traveled from a close continent as soon as she heard about the meeting wanting to offer her services. She spends her days and nights roaming open plains staring at the sky and keeping notes of what she see's in the stars.
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