Changelog 2021-05-23

Code changes, new spells/skills/songs, etc

Changelog 2021-05-23

Postby Driven » Sun May 23, 2021 3:20 pm

Several changes went in today...

(1) Energy drain now nets less mana per successful cast and has been capped to 3x max mana for the player. Trying to push beyond the cap could be... dangerous. This change was critical in restoring the proper value of caster classes to the game. Let's get real, over 5k mana on any character is insanely imbalanced.

(2) Thief prime and secondaries now get backstab accuracy boosts from the DEX reaction bonus (see help dex). Primes get the full boost, while secondaries get half the boost.

(3) Excruciating blow has been recoded to be dependent upon the following:
- Position of thief in class-order
- Hitroll
- Sneak
- Hide
- Size of the mob
- Whether the first two backstabs actually land

In all, an endgame thief prime should now land excruciating blow similarly to how thief 7th/8th used to land excruciating blow when the game was badly bugged. In all, these changes represent phase 1 of a revamp for thief primes, with two more phases planned over the summer.

If you see anything off, talk with me in-game.
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