Pagoda of Enlightenment

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Pagoda of Enlightenment

Postby Driven » Thu Mar 12, 2020 10:07 pm

As you guys may have seen in Driven's title, I have been running the Pagoda of Enlightenment for the last 3 days in an attempt to forge the lotus blossom bracelets for Razyr. As I have gathered the cps, it became very apparent very quickly that this forge has a long pole to it that is beyond obnoxious.

Namely, the long purple incense stick. The forge requires 24 of the incense sticks to forge a pair of bracelets. If you do the math, it would take on average 20 days of RL time to pop that many sticks where you kept the haze of jasmine smoke dead for that entire duration. This is beyond reason, and I have confirmed with the healers ingame that their experience was a nightmare. As such, I have kept the pop rate the same, but four hazes now spawn per repop.

For those of you who lived through this absurdity, talk with me ingame and I will reimburse you for the time you spent on this forge. If you know of other forges where one of the cps is orders of magnitude off in terms of time investment, please talk with me and we can discuss.
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