Brand of the Rogue

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Brand of the Rogue

Postby *Neptune* » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:35 pm


After some discussion and some contemplation, it has been decided that the
Herbalist II clasp forge for the Brand of the Rogue has been altered. The forge
process itself has not been changed. The old stats of this object were that it
was to be attached to a weapon and yielding +1 weapon damage and +1 hitroll.
While the clasp still attaches to a weapon, it now yields +1 hitroll and +5 stab
damage. The requirements for use and the forge itself have no been changed.

At this time, since the forge is a repeatable one, there will be no reimbursements
for anyone that has already forged the clasp before these changes.

Thanks, and I hope that helps.

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