Deep Blue Spinel Rune

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Deep Blue Spinel Rune

Postby *Neptune* » Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:56 pm


Due to a discrepancy in the naming convention of the Deep Blue Spinel Rune, the name has been
altered to fit in with the other runes of similar nature. PReviously, the rune had following name:

Deep_Blue_Spinel Rune

This name caused some confusion on how the rune might be created using the normal means.
The rune's name has been changed to the following:

Deep Blue Spinel Rune

This means that previously you would have likely needed to use deep_blue_spinel-rune or somesuch
in order to create the rune previously. Now, you need only use a variation of deep-blue-spinel-rune .
This was done so that when creating runes like, say, Brown-Red-Spinel-Rune, you could match the
convention thus eliminating any confusion when expecting the two conventions to be the same.

Hope that helps. If anyone runs into any problems, let us know. No changes were made to the deep
blue spinel gems. Only the deep blue spinel runes were affected.

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