Typos fixed, etc

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Typos fixed, etc

Postby *Breeze* » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:36 pm

// Various things fixed... //

** Spoony ** when creating devak, disintegrates is spelled incorrectly as "disentegrates"

** Lyaura ** help file 'clasp' - 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence - 'saw' should be 'seen'.

** Zuzu ** Avatar Sight helpfile: 2 typos "inoportune" --> "inopportune" "tried there hardest" --> "tried their hardest"

** 39730 ** Joesmoe ** help grace only the grace should be grace only the

** Pynchon ** in grace helpfile, 'The gods will only the grace most holy of players.' ?

** Cheetah ** You have 1 mirror images nearby.; <- should that not be "image"?


randomly popping potions should also be fixed. if you notice one that doesn't work and identifies as having no spells,
or ones that have typos in their names/descriptions please email me.

// Breeze/Benq
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