So you want to be a warrior.

Information about the warrior class

So you want to be a warrior.

Postby marge » Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:16 pm

The warrior class is suited for people who like to be able to walk up to something and beat it down without a lot of fanfare.

As a warrior you'll have the best armor class available. -12 if you're a prime warrior, -11 if not prime. It will take a lot of effort to gather up all this armor, but is worth the effort.

The warrior prime skill is parry, which allows you to parry 1 attack per round, i.e. you take no damage from the parried attack.

Warriors are also very adept at managing combat. They can disengage from combat on a moments notice and have a variety of very useful skills such as second wind and entrench, in addition to basic melee skills like flail, broadside, bash, and kick.

Supplementing warrior prime:

As a warrior you'll probably want to include cleric. Healing is pretty essential. You may want to avoid putting cleric in your 4th slot. This reduces the supplicants available to you and delays your healing ability until much later levels.

Adding necromancer will greatly enhance your ability to solo large mobs for equipment and spellbooks. Also wraithform is a spectacular ability for warriors to have.

Thief is a fun and useful class to have in warrior classo. Being able to backstab will enhance your ability to run xp in small groups and also your ability to run coins. Also thieves are able to search for caches, disarm traps, glance into mob inventories, shadow walk, and stealth.

Mage increases blasting power, which is useful in conjuction with backstab or deathgrip. Also mages have the skill haste, which is handy for warriors. Mages are also able to attune to certain types of magic. Usually warrior primes choose to attune to enhancement, which increases the duration of their protective spells and saves them their much needed mana.

Adding monk to warrior adds to the toughness of a warrior. In addition to giving an initial attack (deathgrip/deathtouch) having monk adds hit points, damage reduction, and a number of useful melee skills such as strike, flurry, focus, etc...

Druid is a weak complement to warrior classo imho. Putting it in 2nd place does give a substantial boost to mana and at later levels greater fluidity gives a stackable form of damage reduction. But druid is a weak substitute for cleric and has weak blasting. Shifting is useful, but warrior primes are pretty tough in their natural form. Just my opinion.

Bard is a very well rounded class with a lot of useful skills such as glance and search. The best part of bard in warrior classo imo is the ability to manage combat through the use of songs like reign of confusion. However warriors aren't known for their mana, so if you want to put bard in the classo, I'd reccomend placing a caster class in the 2nd class slot, so you have enough mana to use your songs effectively.

Remember that Wa/non-caster (monk, thief, or bard) will have more hit points/hpregen and less mana. Warrior/caster will have fewer hit points and more mana/maregen.

Hope this helps.
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