Monk 30 lvl prime sleeves of black ice quest

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Monk 30 lvl prime sleeves of black ice quest

Postby Constin » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:36 am

Hi, where i can find info about this quest?
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Re: Monk 30 lvl prime sleeves of black ice quest

Postby Gorka » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:11 pm

undertake special_aura
An ettin monk tells you 'Someone has stolen my sacred aura. This is very bad, and will effect all
monks over a short period of time. It will have an everlasting affect on
all of our kind. Without this aura, we will lose power, strength, and
endurance. The aura that binds us to our styles of fighting must be
found and returned. When did I have it last? Well yesterday I was
fine. I even gave lesses to a new member of our guild. He was a
young elvin, just learning the ways of the monk. Do you think he could,
or would have stolen my aura? Seek him out, confront him, ask him about
the aura. If he knows anything, I am sure he will be willing to tell you.
But if you find that it is he, who stole my aura, kill him! He don't
deserve to be part of our guild, and should check into the thieves guild
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