Discussion about some stats while shifted

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Discussion about some stats while shifted

Postby Filk » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:11 am

I've been told, there are already were explanations about some of my questions. But i wasnt able to find any.
So if anyone knows about them, i would be pleased for links.

1. First of all, max dex stat.
I forged finally my rhodo rune and attached it to ars magica.
Was surprised though, that while shifted, it raises max dex stat, but dont gives extra ac.

After speaking with severals imms and players, noone can tell me, if that was done for special, or just missed in development and should be count as a bug.

So i want to discuss, if it should works in forms like as unshifted at all.
And if it dont, then maybe it should be written in some help files. To prevent missunderstanding from all other players, who would like to raise max dex for forms.

Same about other max stats.
I know, that max str works fine, and max int giving some mana also.
No ideas about max con or max wis. It is posible to raise it whle shifted, so interesting question about them also.

2. Another question is how max stats from avatar shop works for forms?
Do they affect player while shifted? And even, should they affect, if they are not?

Same question for other avatar shop bonuses: damroll, armor, damage reduce, spell damage, resists etc
How they works now?
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Re: Discussion about some stats while shifted

Postby Magi » Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:08 pm

Sorry to hear your rhodo-ars bugged out on you. I know how hard you worked to make it!

I believe that druids get no benefits from 9x40 shop (while shifted) except for the permanent spells. I think both the rhodo rune and the 9x40 shifting situation deserve a second look. I don't think anyone can seriously make the argument that Piasa is too strong in a world that contains Cizin, Cyprimus, Josiah, and Skyv.

If anyone remains unconvinced, I invite them to witness a cagematch between any of the above and a piasa!
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