What are the prime skills of a Bard?

Information about the bard class

Postby Morkeleb » Mon Mar 08, 2004 2:58 pm

Are you speaking of exclusive skills or all, because the information provided at this link (http://www.slothmud.org/sloth/pnsite/pn ... d=6&nuke=1) are pretty explanatory. Granted about the only two that I haven't seen on other classes are 'glance' and 'hide', but I've only been back for about 2 weeks now.

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Postby Blackmore3 » Wed Mar 10, 2004 2:44 pm

If you're speaking of prime o&shy;nly skills, Bards have instruments.I'm not sold o&shy;n the idea yet, since they take up an eq slot to use, but they can help 3 different affects for bard songs:<BR><BR>length of song (which I really never had an issue with, though I think there's been changes made since tali was little, which would make this useful at low levels)<BR># of mobs that can listen - which would be nice if there were frequently large numbers of mobs in a room. You can o&shy;nly sing to a certain number of mobs, dependant o&shy;n who knows what. There's very few rooms with large numbers of mobs in the room where it's necessary to increase the number you're singing to.<BR>Cost of mana - there is a % drop in the mana that is used o&shy;n songs. This is an awesome benefit, because the songs really don't use a huge amount of mana as it is, so you almost get to sing for free.<BR><BR>Personally, I have all 4 instruments that I've found so far, and I don't use them. The o&shy;nly o&shy;ne I occasionally use is a neck instrument with +2 Ma Regen.&amp;nbsp; I don't really worry about the bard affects o&shy;n it, since songs are o&shy;nly a small portion of the abilities that I use. I usually end up using mage or cleric spells more often, and then occasionally use a song here or there. I don't use any instrument in AC mode because none of the o&shy;nes that have been found have any AC - but o&shy;n the other hand, I wouldn't really expect a lute, a viol, a cornett or a lyre to provide me any sort of protection.<BR><BR>If you're asking about general spells and skills that bards get, do "spells bard"...that's where all of the unique abilities are.
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