Cleric related?

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Cleric related?

Postby Brayden » Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:37 am

**Edited til I got the colors to work :P**

I didn't see it, so I thought I'd offer.

There doesn't seem to be a prompt for enemy condition. A prompt like this perhaps:

<211hp 236ma 117mv, Tankname, TankCond, EnemyName, EnemyCond>

Also, if it were possible to color code the enemy condition. Maybe a different color per enemy condition? Purely suggestion - Green/[color=green:rvs363ho]excellent[/color:rvs363ho], Yellow/[color=yellow:rvs363ho]small wounds[/color:rvs363ho], Pink/[color=pink:rvs363ho]few wounds[/color:rvs363ho], Magenta/[color=magenta:rvs363ho]nasty wounds and scratches[/color:rvs363ho], Red/[color=red:rvs363ho]pretty hurt[/color:rvs363ho], DarkRed/[color=darkred:rvs363ho]awful[/color:rvs363ho]

With that, this may help too, to add to group list. Would make seeing who's injured much easier!

Group 'The Terrible Twosome' is led by Brayden and consists of:
(Ldr/Ft) Brayden [Ma:0.16 [color=red:rvs363ho]53[/color:rvs363ho]hp 231ma 116mv] ---
(Absent) Zipah [Dr:0.16 [color=magenta:rvs363ho]132[/color:rvs363ho]hp 204ma 117mv] ---

In coloring respective values vs. colors.
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Postby jezer » Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:40 am

That's a pretty good idea Brayden.
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