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cmud/zmud mob pinger.

Postby Gladavar » Tue May 04, 2010 11:33 am

Not sure if anyone still uses zmud or not but here is a semi auto pinger i've been using in cmud and made sure it worked in zmud too. wouldn't take much to make it auto if you wanted.

#TRIG {^ping (%a) (%d)} {#LOO 1,4 {tell %{i}.%1}} pinger input

#tr {^ping (%a) (%d)} {#loop 1,%2 {tell %{i}.%1 .}}[/code:163lzkjx]

*!*After you create the trigger in CMUD go to the editor (ctrl-G) and switch the type to Command Input.*!*

To use, on the command line simply type: ping MOBNAME #
Example: Ping dragon 3 would send a tell to 1.dragon 2.dragon 3.dragon

If you wanted it to ping every five minutes you could do:

[code:163lzkjx]#alarm -05:00 {ping dragon 3}[/code:163lzkjx]

on the command line (should work for both clients)

if you are gonna add this to a timer or ping large numbers it wouldn't be a bad idea to throw a #wait into the loop. I understand the drawbacks of this in zmud though so i'll leave that up to you.[code:163lzkjx][/code:163lzkjx]
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