CMUD MSDP Scripts! Parse MSDP right into CMUD. (ver. 1.8)

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CMUD MSDP Scripts! Parse MSDP right into CMUD. (ver. 1.8)

Postby Tuck » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:28 pm

Hail fella!

As i promised, here comes script that parse MSDP vars from SlothMUD to array of variables @MSDP.
You can get vars with query @MSDP.CHARACTER_NAME or @MSDP.MANA, @MSDP.SEX and so on...
    So it will be:
  • #SHOW ... (around 60-70 vars available).
  • Profit ;-)

Script attached.

Installation: Click Macros button, File, Import XML, then choose file in attachment.
Then enter 'msdpinit' in command line and read instructions (just once).
Finish. All vars will be updated automatically. You just need to query it.


p.s. looking for your feedback. Thanks!
p.p.s Thanks for imms to implement such great feature. Splork for and breeze helped with testing very much!

Update 1: New version posted. Thanks for feedback everyone!
Update 2: Updated again. Everything is commented!Check it out!
Update 3: Updated! New vars!
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Re: CMUD MSDP Scripts! Parse MSDP right into CMUD. (ver. 1.8

Postby norks » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:43 am

Does anyone have this script for Zmud?
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