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Potions Substitutions Script

Postby Strago » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:03 pm

This script is a modification of the potions script from the topic Potions Type Helper for WinTin.net

Make sure to copy and paste the script as there is an escape character in there to ensure that default mud colors are not modified by the substitution.

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#defgroup {Potions}
#substitute {acrid orange potion} {acrid orange potion (imbuewith 3x flamestrike)}
#substitute {amethyst potion} {amethyst potion (infravision / detect invis / sense life)}
#substitute {aquamarine potion.} {aquamarine potion. (cure minor)}
#substitute {black potion with a red glowing center} {black potion with a red glowing center (dispel magic)}
#substitute {blood red potion} {blood red potion (level 30 refresh)}
#substitute {blue-green potion} {blue-green potion (level 25 cure serious)}
#substitute {bright blue potion} {bright blue potion (lvl 40 greater heal)}
#substitute {bright orange potion} {bright orange potion (+6 to dam for 10 hrs.)}
#substitute {bright red potion} {bright red potion (l15 cure critic)}
#substitute {brown misty potion {succor}} {brown misty potion {succor} (regeneration (level 40))}
#substitute {bubbling green potion} {bubbling green potion (cure critic/invis/phase door)}
#substitute {bubbling maroon potion} {bubbling maroon potion (armor)}
#substitute {bubbling maroon potion} {bubbling maroon potion (level 15 armor)}
#substitute {bubbling violet potion } {bubbling violet potion (lvl 40 knock)}
#substitute {cerise potion} {cerise potion (armor/cure light)}
#substitute {chartreuse potion} {chartreuse potion (l40 remove disaese)}
#substitute {chilled black potion} {chilled black potion (telepathy)}
#substitute {chocolate potion} {chocolate potion (invisibility, remove poison, remove curse)}
#substitute {churning orange potion} {churning orange potion (imbue 3x lvl 40 disintegrate)}
#substitute {clear blue potion} {clear blue potion (fly, water breathing, refresh)}
#substitute {clear potion} {clear potion (cast vision 7 x as lv 25)}
#substitute {clear potion with a lot of dirt sediment} {clear potion with a lot of dirt sediment (stone skin)}
#substitute {clear white potion} {clear white potion (dispel/stone skin/sanc)}
#substitute {cloudy purple potion} {cloudy purple potion (level 15 str)}
#substitute {cloudy red potion} {cloudy red potion (level 35 stone skin)}
#substitute {cold blue potion} {cold blue potion (+40 mana for 1 hr)}
#substitute {creamy pink potion} {creamy pink potion (lvl 25 mindbar x1)}
#substitute {dark yellow potion} {dark yellow potion (5x magic missile (lvl15))}
#substitute {deep blue potion} {deep blue potion (regeneration/refresh/cure serious)}
#substitute {deep purple potion} {deep purple potion (str (level 35))}
#substitute {dull copper potion} {dull copper potion (+5 to hit, 10 hours)}
#substitute {dull gold potion} {dull gold potion (lvl 12 cure light)}
#substitute {dull gold potion} {dull gold potion ()}
#substitute {dull gold potion} {dull gold potion (+5 to hit for 10 hrs)}
#substitute {dull gray potion} {dull gray potion (lloyds beacon x2 at level 35)}
#substitute {effervescent potion} {effervescent potion (det. evil/det. invisible/det. magic)}
#substitute {fizzy ochre potion} {fizzy ochre potion (imbue l40 magic missile x30)}
#substitute {flecked gold potion } {flecked gold potion (bless, strength, stone skin)}
#substitute {frothy violet potion} {frothy violet potion (lvl 40 corona x1)}
#substitute {frothy violet potion} {frothy violet potion (corona)}
#substitute {glimmering green potion} {glimmering green potion (greater heal x3)}
#substitute {glowing golden potion} {glowing golden potion (lvl 45 talshans tribute)}
#substitute {grainy black potion} {grainy black potion (level 35 teleport)}
#substitute {green potion} {green potion (teleport)}
#substitute {green potion} {green potion (blindness & teleport & cure blind)}
#substitute {hissing blue potion} {hissing blue potion (+20 mana for 1 hour)}
#substitute {matte-black potion} {matte-black potion (word of recall/heal)}
#substitute {metallic red potion} {metallic red potion (iron skin)}
#substitute {midnight blue potion} {midnight blue potion (cure normal (1x))}
#substitute {milky lavender potion} {milky lavender potion (l35 perception)}
#substitute {milky white potion} {milky white potion ()}
#substitute {milky white potion} {milky white potion (word of recall)}
#substitute {milky white potion} {milky white potion (word of recall)}
#substitute {moldy orange potion} {moldy orange potion (+3 damage for 10 hrs)}
#substitute {moldy orange potion} {moldy orange potion (+3 dam for 10 hours)}
#substitute {navy blue potion} {navy blue potion (cure light)}
#substitute {olive potion} {olive potion (dispel evil/ curse/ heal)}
#substitute {orange potion} {orange potion ()}
#substitute {orange potion} {orange potion (3x strength)}
#substitute {pale purple potion} {pale purple potion (lvl 25 water breathing)}
#substitute {pale rose potion} {pale rose potion (resist fire/resist cold)}
#substitute {pale violet potion} {pale violet potion (infravision)}
#substitute {pale violet potion} {pale violet potion (level 15 infravision)}
#substitute {pearlescent potion} {pearlescent potion (lvl 44 grace)}
#substitute {potion crackling with magical energy} {potion crackling with magical energy (resistance to all spells targeting the user)}
#substitute {potion of accuracy} {potion of accuracy (+5 to hit)}
#substitute {potion of desperation} {potion of desperation (recall)}
#substitute {potion of destruction} {potion of destruction (bless, +3 damage)}
#substitute {potion of endurance} {potion of endurance (vitality)}
#substitute {potion of flames} {potion of flames (3 casts of hellfire)}
#substitute {potion of insight} {potion of insight (det invis lvl 12)}
#substitute {potion of knitting} {potion of knitting (?)}
#substitute {potion of legendary memory} {potion of legendary memory (bestows lloyd's beacon 6 times)}
#substitute {potion of lesser sanctuary} {potion of lesser sanctuary (sanctuary)}
#substitute {potion of pure darkness} {potion of pure darkness (dark cloak)}
#substitute {potion of refreshment} {potion of refreshment (refresh x2)}
#substitute {potion of speed} {potion of speed (quicken)}
#substitute {potion of stones} {potion of stones (lvl 43 dispel fly)}
#substitute {potion of the essence of a mind flayer} {potion of the essence of a mind flayer (aptitude)}
#substitute {potion of wispy prayers} {potion of wispy prayers (insight)}
#substitute {potion of youth} {potion of youth (subtracts from age)}
#substitute {pungent indigo potion} {pungent indigo potion (fly)}
#substitute {purple potion} {purple potion (cure poison)}
#substitute {radiant white potion} {radiant white potion (imbue with 1x raise dead lvl 40)}
#substitute {red orange potion} {red orange potion ( -100 ac for 3 ticks)}
#substitute {red potion} {red potion (armor)}
#substitute {roiling blue potion} {roiling blue potion (lvl 25 regenatation x1 )}
#substitute {ruby red potion} {ruby red potion (lvl 35 sanctuary x1)}
#substitute {russet potion} {russet potion (+0 to immune_magic for 5 hrs)}
#substitute {rusty red potion} {rusty red potion (apply 0 bonus to immune magic for 10 hrs.)}
#substitute {sea-green potion} {sea-green potion (remove disease/remove poison)}
#substitute {shiny golden potion} {shiny golden potion (+20 to hit for 10 hours)}
#substitute {shiny golden potion} {shiny golden potion (apply a bonus of 20 to the drinker's hitroll for 10 hours.)}
#substitute {silver potion} {silver potion (call lightning/cure critic)}
#substitute {sizzling yellow potion} {sizzling yellow potion (8x lightning bolt (imbued))}
#substitute {slate-grey potion} {slate-grey potion (l25 word of recall)}
#substitute {sloshing blue potion} {sloshing blue potion (adds 150 mana for 1 hour)}
#substitute {smoky green potion} {smoky green potion (remove poison)}
#substitute {sparking yellow potion} {sparking yellow potion (lvl 25 call lightning x3)}
#substitute {sparkling blue potion} {sparkling blue potion (restores 35 mana )}
#substitute {steaming black potion} {steaming black potion (4x demon bind, level 35)}
#substitute {translucent purple potion} {translucent purple potion (level 25 detect invis.)}
#substitute {turquoise potion} {turquoise potion (level 40 cure plague)}
#substitute {vaporous white potion} {vaporous white potion (3x level 20 cure critic)}
#substitute {viscous purple potion} {viscous purple potion (strength)}
#substitute {warm coral potion} {warm coral potion (lev 40 resist webs)}
#substitute {yellow potion} {yellow potion (detect invisibility)}
#defgroup {}
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