Trade your gems for gems or eq you need

This is the place to come if you are looking to trade some equipment.

Trade your gems for gems or eq you need

Postby Teron » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:21 am

If you have
a White Opal

then you you can get:

1. any of these tier 3 gems:
a Rose Quartz
a Jacinth
a Colorless Sapphire [2]
a Obsidian
an Aventurine

or 2 of these:
a Gray White Diamond [4]
a Light Blue Iolite [2]
a Smokey Quartz [2]
a Jasper [2]

2. 5 of these:
a Chrysoprase
a Rock Crystal Quartz
an Eye Agate

3. 3 tier 2 gems:
a Banded Agate [4]
a Water Opal
a Fire Opal
a Lapus Lazuli
a Azurite [2]
a Amethyst [2]
a Moonstone
an Alexandrite [2]
an Opal

4. or 4 items
a berserker's girdle -0.4 +weapon damage +str, low av restricted
a berserker's girdle -0.2 +weapon damage +str shiftable, low av restricted
the staff of psychic disruption -0.1 light
a crimson tri-cornered hat -1.2 +maxcon -saves
Fist of the Lord of Beasts -0.8 +hand damage shield
a spider-shaped ring -0.3 +hand dam, low av
a ring of seashell -0.1 +2hit +2hp regen
a thin silver circlet, +10ma +max int head
The Crown Of Judgements Past -1.2 +8 healbonus head 2x40 40cl or adept av
the sandals of the healing chant +7 heal bonus +sys shock feet, low av
a mithril keychain (contains 45 weight)
the keychain of the shuggoth lord (contains 45 weight)

5. or any 3 of the EU gear:
- armis -2.1 +10bsb +max wiz body
- tassets -1.2 -2saves legs
- whip +flamestrike proc
- boots of flame +0.1 +max dex
- mail of the eastern squall -1.8 +dam body

If you need other eq, such as jade slippers or a triangular shield, and would like to make a trade, let me know, and I'll pop it.

Talk to Taron ingame or mudmail to trade for what you want.
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