Silk shawl + demonskin set

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Silk shawl + demonskin set

Postby Dragoth » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:43 am

<848hp 292ma 342mv>You get a torn green robe from a golden sack.

<848hp 293ma 342mv>exa torn
You see nothing special..
When you look more closely, you see:
torn (carried):
a vial of ogre blood
a sliver of darkness
hair of the white warlock
a bundle of nerve tissue
a dire wolf fang
a gargoyle wing
a bag of sorcerers sand
the eye of the demon

<837hp 228ma 342mv>Ok.discarded identify as its not on the list..
You feel informed:
Object 'silken shawl roses', Item type: CONTAINER
Maxweight: 150
Weight: 3, Value: 133250gold, Worn in: TAKE ABOUT
Can affect you as:
Affects: WIS by 1
Affects: HEAL_BONUS by 10
Only those who are at least experienced clerics and also adept druids may
use this item.

Really need to get 2 rhodochrosite gems for those
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