November garage sale!

This is the place to come if you are looking to trade some equipment.

November garage sale!

Postby Tuck » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:54 pm

Here is list what I have and what I need. Contact me directly ingame with offers or request. Do not spam in this topic please. Items appears in list only once, so I may have 2 or 3 of it – just ask. Thanks in advance.

    Runes for trade/sale:
  • Rhodochrosite, Azurite, Zircon, Quartz, Moss Agate, Dark-Green Spinel, Alexandrite Rune, Rose Quartz, banded agate, Brown-Red Spinel, Carnelian, Red Spinel, Bloodstone, Chalcedony, many others...

    Gems for trade/sale:
  • a Moss Agate
  • a Citrine
  • a Orange Zircon
  • a Jade
  • a Salmon Pink Garnet
  • a Rock Crystal Quartz
  • a Smokey Quartz
  • a Champagne Pearl
  • a Pearl
  • a Tourmaline
  • a Eye Agate
  • a Dark Green Spinel
  • a Jasper
  • a Rose Quartz
  • a Deep Blue Spinel
  • Brilliant Green Garnet
  • a Peridot
  • a Lapus Lazuli
  • a Blue Quartz
  • a Blue Star Sapphire
  • a Chrysoprase
  • a Quartz
  • a Tiger Eye
  • a Emerald
  • a Chalcedony
  • a Hematite
  • a Bloodstone
  • a Banded Agate

    Items for trade/sale:
  • Aura of midnight
  • Moist vapour bracelet
  • Demonskins Boots
  • carved bone armplates
  • darkened robe of mysteries
  • runed onyx bracelet
  • ring of clouded glass
  • flowing sleeves of the wind
  • midnight sapphire
  • moist vapour bracelet
  • serpent's charm
  • ring of blue ice
  • triangular shield
  • ring of blue ice
  • wiedzmin ring
  • adamantite greatshield
  • the tear of night
  • chert bracelet

    List of items that I need:
  • Tanzanite cps.
  • Interfnites cps
  • Scarab cps.
  • Ruyi cps.
  • Swirling ball of fire (from lucifer)

    List of gems/runes that I need:
  • Star Ruby
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Tourmaline
  • Jet
  • Black Onyx
  • +dam, +hit, +sysshock runes/gems
  • Etc.. (contact me in game)

Thanks for reading all this.
P.S. Please contact me ingame, do not flood in this topic.
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