TRADE - offering a restring token

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TRADE - offering a restring token

Postby Weasel » Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:40 pm

I have a restring token I will trade for [i:er1p3jdb]all five[/i:er1p3jdb] of the following items :

monkey fist (temp item, Sailor Bill)
silver bar (shuggoth lord)
tainted red scales of a pyrohydra (pyrohydra)
purple stinger (purple worm)
pair of cobra fangs (two-headed cobra)

If you can get all five of these items for me, I will trade them for 1 restring token.

disclaimer: this is a once only offer - first to get all the items to me gets the restring token in trade, and the offer then expires.
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