Runs to the guilds from all the recall points

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Runs to the guilds from all the recall points

Postby *Idjit* » Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:26 pm

If you're a budding newbie eager to level the cheapest level(s) every time the group stops (recommended), here are runs to the guilds from all of the recall points.

step 1) ask the leader if you can recall
step 2) recite recall or cast word of recall (Cleric 11th)
step 3) execute one of these aliases
step 4) type "level gain"
step 4a) if you're not done and need to level a different class, go back to the recall point
step 4b) repeat steps 3-4
step 5) ask for a summon back to the group

These are all done using wintin.NET


#alias {w2warrior} {4e3ne2n}
#alias {w2thief} {6e2n3e}
#alias {w2mage} {e2n2w}
#alias {w2cleric} {e5n2e}
#alias {w2bard} {11e3s3d2e}
#alias {w2monk} {4wsw3s3ws3d2w}
#alias {w2druid} {6wu;open door;nws2ds}
#alias {w2necro} {4ed3w2s}

#alias {well2warrior} {wwnnwn}
#alias {well2thief} {eennen}
#alias {well2mage} {eesseu}
#alias {well2cleric} {2w2swu}
#alias {well2bard} {8sw4s}
#alias {well2necro} {9en4e4s;open doors;se5sw2s}
#alias {well2druid} {6n3es;ent mushroom;eueue}
#alias {well2monk} {8s6w3s2e}

#alias {wide2bard} {3n2en3en;open door;wn2e}
#alias {wide2monk} {3ne2ne;op door;2e}
#alias {wide2druid} {n4en2ene}
#alias {wide2necro} {3n2en2ese;open door;eu}
The classic four guilds are really close to the recall point on AH
warrior: hunt Ress
cleric: hunt Nadya
mage: hunt Tanalis
thief: hunt Five
"nohunt" turns off a hunt process.

VK are from shelda not the recall point
#alias {shelda2warrior} {eses}
#alias {shelda2thief} {es2es}
#alias {shelda2mage} {e4nen}
#alias {shelda2cleric} {e4n2en}
#alias {shelda2monk} {e4n5e2s}
#alias {shelda2bard} {e4n4ene}
#alias {shelda2druid} {e3n2wnw}
#alias {shelda2necro} {e3n2wse;op doors e;e}

#alias {magnolia2warriorguild} {enes3enes}
#alias {magnolia2thiefguild} {enennneddnn}
#alias {magnolia2clerguild} {enennnwws}
#alias {magnolia2mageguild} {enen2e}

Remember, while standing at the bard, necro, druid, monk guild masters you can "say recall" to recall.
This was added because these newer guilds are generally outside the towns.

BONUS SECTION : runs to the bank

#alias {w2bank} {4e3n2en}
#alias {well2bank} {2wse}
#alias {wide2bank} {n5es;op gate s;sws}
#alias {magnolia2bank} {ene3neddsenn}

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Re: Runs to the guilds from all the recall points

Postby Teron » Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:40 am

Island bank:
#alias {island2bank} {3esesesees2uede3sw7s8w;open door;n}

Then again, no one really levels on Island.
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